1. Please briefly outline the trends relating to substance abuse within the criminal justice system

Thefollowing are the trends related to substances abuse within thecriminal justice system.

a.)There have been a remarkable increase in the number of femaleinmates as well as minors in prisons due to the enactment of harshersentencing rules for the drugs.

b.)There has been a decrease in arrests related to drug sales orpossession in the near past.

c.)There has been a marked increase in crimes related to obtainingdrugs.

d.)Accidents related to alcohols and drugs intoxications are fastgrowing in the United States.

e.)There is an upward trend in the overdose of Synthetic Cannabinoidsincluding but not limited to “Spice,” and &quotK2,” in somestates.

f.)Increased HIV and AIDS spread due to increased sharing of syringesamongst the users of Opana.

g.)In the recent past, drug market have seen the introduction ofsynthetic cannabinoids, e.g., mojo and cloud 9.

h.)There is an ongoing increase in deaths related to FentanylOverdose.

2.Select the trend you find most important to the CJUS treatmentcommunity and discuss why you feel that way. Provide research insupport of your answer.

Drunk-drivingis the most concerning trend. The fact that consumption of drugs hassignificantly reduced over the last couple of years should imply areduction in drunk driving cases. However, that is not the case.Motor vehicle accidents are the stand-out agent for the majority ofteenager’s deaths in the United States. It has been attributed to athird of all teenagers’ deaths. According to National HighwayTraffic Safety Administration, more than 30% of all teens killed inaccidents in 2014 were found to have taken alcohol (2016). Losingteenager to alcohol related accidents should not only be a societalworry but a government concern too. Additionally, each year around16,000 individuals loses their lives via car accidents related toalcohol consumption – a figure which has been increasing over thepast few years (2016). And the National Highway Traffic SafetyAdministration reports that alcohol-related accidents account formore than half of all the fatalities. On an average scale, a personloses a life every half-hour due to alcoholic driving. Furthermore,every two minutes, there is an individual who is injured for beinginvolved in alcoholic-related incidents (, 2016).The facts are quite worrying, and an individual might never know whenthey will be the casualties of the accidents. Also, by such deaths,America keeps losing manpower and workforce either in the form ofyoung task or elderly people.

Whatthe criminal justice system should be more concerned about, however,is for the fact that, 50% to 75% of all the drivers convicted whiledrunk goes back to the road in spite of suspended licenses (Suzuki,Poklis &amp Poklis, 2014). Additionally, a third of all the personsconvicted are repeated offenders. What more worrying is that onaverage nearly 300,000 drivers drive under the influence of alcohol,while only around 4,000 are arrested. In this regard, drunk drivingis a serious issue that requires more measures and activeintervention. Nearly $199 billion of the national budget is used insolving drunk driving cases and rehabilitations. That means eachadult is forced to inject $800 per year to solve drunk driving cases.The figures talk for themselves. It is, therefore, a worrying trendthat the people concerned should inject more efforts to counter. Morecampaigns could help as well as increasing the strictness with whichthe laws are enacted.


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