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To:Ms. Sarah Robinson, President at Green Wave Landscape Management


January 23, 2016

Customer complaints due

Ihave noticed that there is an increase in cases of substandard workbeing delivered to our clients, which has in turn contributed towardsan increase in complaints being raised by loyal customers. One of therecent incidents is quite saddening and should attract the attentionof all stakeholders of the company. In this incident, one of ourloyal customers named Henry Stewart complained that two of ourmembers of staff sprayed trees and shrubs in his compound beforecovering a fish pond. This resulted in the death of fish worth $2,000. Stewart has demanded for a refund and issued a threat of suingthe company for the negligence of our employees. From my experiencein the company, I have realized that the damage resulted from threemajor factors as discussed below.

Inappropriaterecruitment policy

Anappropriate recruitment policy in an organization should be expectedto guide the management in selecting the most qualified members ofstaff (Naukri Community Center, 2015). In addition, the policy shouldguide the human resource department in assessing the level of skillsand fill the skills-gap among the new employees before they aredeployed to their respective duties. However, it is evident that thecurrent policy was inadequate given that the two employees whorecruited and given the responsibility to spray Stewart’s compoundlacked the basic skills and the recruitment policy did not providefor their training.

Poordelegation of duties

Althoughdelegation of duties has been a common practice at Green Wave, theincident that resulted in the death of Stewart’s fish indicatesthat the company’s procedure for delegating duties andresponsibilities is inadequate. For example, it was wrong to delegatethe duty of sparing trees and shrubs of a loyal customer to newlyrecruitments employees. This was the first assignment for the twoemployees since their recruitment. An effective delegation procedureshould have resulted in the formation of teams comprising of newemployees and experienced members of staff. This would have given thenewly recruited employees to learn from the most experiences membersof staff.


Aneffective communication is recommended in any company because itclears all misunderstandings and helps all stakeholders to coordinatetheir activities. The recent happenings (including the Stewart’sincident) confirm that lack of effective communication at Green WaveLandscape Management. For example, the human resource manager shouldhave been expected to assess the qualifications of all employees andcommunicate their capabilities to other departments (including theoperations department) in order to ensure that the duties allocate tothem match their skills. In addition, the Stewart’s scenarioconfirms that the Green Wave does not facilitate a bottom-upcommunication. This is confirmed by the fact that the newly recruitedemployees could not express their lack of the necessary skills toperform the allocated duties.

Thecompany has spent a lot of resources to get its current loyalcustomers and losing them might endanger its going concern. Thecurrent drawbacks (including an inappropriate recruitment procedure,poor delegation of duties, and poor communication) require drasticmeasures in order to protect the market share as well as the goingconcern of Green Wave Landscape Management. Three recommendations(including the development of a staff recruitment and selectionpolicy, an internal communication policy, and delegation policy) willhelp Green Wave avoid conflicts with customers as a result ofsubstandard work.


OperationsManager, Green Wave Landscape


NaukriCommunity Center (2015). Recruitmentpolicy of a company.New Delhi: Naukri Community Center.

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