Annotated Bibliography and Outline OrderUp Mobile Application


Annotated Bibliography and Outline: OrderUpMobile Application

OrderUp Mobile Application annotated Bibliography., Retrieved, 4 February, 2016, From &

The source is a website by the owner of the food- ordering app. Thewebsite gives the reader an option of registering with the serviceand conveys information about the towns in which deliveries arepossible. The primary reason for creating this source was to marketthe product and register new users. Although the exact date ofcreating the website is unclear, the assumption is that the websitecame into existence at around the same time that the application waslaunched. The intended audience for this website is potentialclients. The designer uses pictures of delicious food to appeal toreaders.

Ryan Lawler. OrderUp launches a mobile App.

Written in 2013, this news article explains how the App works to newusers. The article was written when the app was relatively new in themarket. The article conveys to the reader the origin of the mobileapp (Baltimore), where it is found (IOS and Play store), and thefinancial position of the company. The author is a contributor to anewspaper column. His intention was to inform readers of the newapplication. The target audience for this article is people who liketo order food but have not found a reliable solution. The authorappeals to logos, and ethos., Web, Accessed on, 4 February, 2016

The source is an online business news website. The article written inAugust 2013, talks about the launch of the mobile app for the OrderUpfranchise. The article then explains the history of the service andhow the app functions. The article functions to inform people aboutthe new app. It has influenced me to download the app. The targetaudience for this author is people interested in new businessventures. Evidence of the intended audience is clear when the authoruses business terms such as market value, and starting capital. Theauthor uses vivid descriptions to appeal to the reader., Web, Accessed on, 4 February, 2016

The source is a website by the Orderup Company. The Orderup Companyforms partnerships with restaurants that deliver food to app users.The source conveys important information to the reader in terms theprocess of registering their restaurant with the app and receivingpayment. The website does not have the exact date when the articlewas written. The goals of the author were to publicize the idea torestaurant owners. The target audience for the author in thisparticular article is restaurant owners interested in deliveringfood. The author uses the testimonies of past success deliveries toappeal to the reader.

Interview with John Smith

The speaker is a fellow student who uses the App quite often. He hasinterest in tech and food. The speaker is present in this businessbecause he prefers to have his meals delivered on his doorstep,stress- free. The speaker’s background has seen him developinterest in new technology. Currently, he is a computer sciencestudent. Smith revealed that he finds the App helpful in that itsaves him a lot of time. He is grateful that the app came into being.

Interview with Jane Terry

The speaker is a fellow student in the school of sociology. Thespeaker is in this business because she sometimes gets too busy to goout to eat or prepare a meal. The speaker’s background does notinvolve intense interest in technology. However, she is a religioususer of the app. She conveys that she is grateful for the app becauseit saves time.


  1. OrderUp mobile App is a new technology that allows consumers to purchase fast foods through the internet to be delivered at their venue and time of convenience.

  2. This new technology allows the consumers to register completely as loyal customers or make random purchase from the food stores that they find reliable.

  3. This new technology has enabled consumers to effectively run their day-to-day affairs without having to waste time looking for food stores.

  4. The OrderIUp mobile App has intensified competition between the food stores who compete for the same market.

II Body

  1. This paper will seek to explore this new technology and its effectiveness in creating consumer solutions as well as building consumer confidence.

  2. It will explore different perspectives and ideas as brought about by different sources that may include websites both commercial and personal, articles, journals and a personal interview to an individual using this technology.

III Conclusion

  1. This paper will seek to understand the impact of this technology and the consumer behavioral shifts brought about by its introduction.

  2. This paper will also seek to understand the methods and techniques applied by the food stores using this technology to make it the preferred consumer choice. It will also make one understand the different techniques applied by the food stores that use this technology to compete effectively and acquire favorable market share


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