Annotated Bibliography McDonald’s Advertisement


AnnotatedBibliography: McDonald’s Advertisement


  • McDonald’s corporation is a leading fast-food restaurant that keeps growing both locally and internationally.

  • This paper will seek to understand the type of advertisement techniques that are employed by this business, that make the corporation remain at the top despite the changing consumer behavior.

  • This paper will bring into light different perspectives from various sources which explores advertising mechanisms of the McDonald’s corporation.

  • These sources range from personal and commercial websites, articles, journals and a personal interview conducted to one of the employee of the McDonald’s established business. In this regard, this paper will try to bring an understanding to the distinguishing advertising techniques and methods that sets this business apart and seek to understand why it has remained to stay at the top globally despite cultural differences and changing consumer lifestyle patterns.


SchlosserE. 2001, ‘Fast Food Nation.’TheDark Side of All-American meal.Boston.Houghton Miffin Company. Print

Thistext explores the changing habits of the human population and theconsequences to their eating habit. Although there is wide outbreakof lifestyle diseases big corporations like McDonald’shas managed to stay at the top, meaning that the population isunaffected by the health hazards (Schlosser, 2001). In this regardSchosser seeks to explore the ways of advertisements that areeffectively used to persuade even consumers who do not wish to buytheir products end up purchasing. Big corporations like McDonald’sspend thousands of dollars in creating an appealing photo-shoot of aproduct like burger that does not really translate to the realpurchased burger. The intended audience by this text is the largerpopulation that does not really understand the implications ofindulging in poor eating habits that is mostly brought about byfast-foods. Schlosser has employed ethos rhetorical appeal to the bigcorporations as well as well as logos rhetorical appeal to the largerpopulation through credible arguments relating to lifestyle diseases.

WahlD. 2015, ‘ Healthy Adversing.’BusinessArticle of New York.185(10):S73–S76.

Thisarticle explores the most effective tools employed by McDonald’sCorporation. The most

Mostcommon method that is used by this corporation is having happyadvertisements that have an infectious effect to their consumersmostly the younger generation. In this regard, it will seem a happyventure for the consumers to go and make a purchase and consumeproduct from McDonald’s(Wahl, 2015).The target audience by this article is the younger generation who aremore likely to be influenced by advertisements to judging theirpurchasing power. Wahl has employed the logos rhetorical appealthrough facts and arguments in the entire article.

LaraO. 2014. People Launching all day at McDonald’s. Guardian Article.New York.

Reilly’sseek to explore the changing lifestyles of the modern society inregard of eating habits. Most people are often too busy during theweek to spend time with their loved ones, especially members of thefamily. In this regard McDonald’s has incorporated such individualswith a package product that is meant to accommodate the whole family(Reilly, 2014). Hence more and more people are finding such packagesattractive to fit their lifestyles as well as improve communicationwithin themselves. The target audience by this article is the workingpopulation who are mostly adult population that have children. Reillyhas used ethos appeal to capture the emotion of the intendedaudience.

LutzA, 2016, ‘Analysis of McDonald’sadvertiment,’ Retrieved from 4th January, 2016.

Thisis a personally run website that critically seeks to explore thesuccess of McDonald’ssuccess in advertisement. The website explains the informative waysthrough which McDonald’shas been able to access worldwide market and effectively establishitself despite the world spread debate on obesity and all otherdiseases caused by fast food restaurants. (Lutz, 2016). In the text,Lutz explores the unique methods employed by McDonald’srestaurant whose advertisement centers on the customer needs and thechanging habits of the consumer. The intended audience by Lutz is tothe prospective business community that wishes to employ unique andeffective methods of advertisement for their products and goods. Thetype of rhetorical appeal that has been employed by the author islogos as there is more logic to the manner through which she presentsher arguments.

SidiquiA. 2015, ‘Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning of McDonald’sRetrievedfrom&gt 4th January, 2016.

Thisis a personal website that analyses the method that is employed bythe McDonald’scorporation in advertising its wide range of products. The bookfurther explains why the corporation has been able to establishitself in more than 130 countries serving around 58 million peopleper day. Sidiqui explains the main reason behind this is thecorporation’s philosophy in being responsive to culturalsensitivities that vary from around the world. In addition thecorporation’s products are created to fit in all demographicsegments each having its purchasing habit (Sidiqui, 2015). Theintended audience for this website is the students or prospectivebusiness people who wish to critically understand the most effectivemethods of growing a business beyond borders. Sidiqui has employedthe logos rhetorical appeal through presenting arguments that arebacked up by facts and figures.

AlexC. 2016. Employee at the McDonald’s restaurant near our campus.Personal interview

Cannonexplained that McDonald’s is a fierce corporation that is sensitiveto the changing consumer behavior. In this regard most people’schanging lifestyles especially for the younger generations arecontinually accommodated through innovative products. Cannon has beenan employee of McDonald’s for more than 15 years. Hence he has seennew innovations changing overtime as the corporation extended itswings to accommodate more and more consumers (Cannon, 2016).


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