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This is an article that highlights how social media can be useful ina business setting. Saeks seeks to provide information and evidencethat the social media has lived up to the hype. He however, providesevidence that the social media hype is here to stay. This is becausethe social media is serving a useful purpose (Saeks, 2011). Accordingto the article, social media is serving millions of businesses acrossthe world in terms of communicating with clients and engaging withthem. Social media platforms such as Facebook and twitter havebrought a level playing field since marketing on social media doesnot depend on the budget of the business enterprise.

The question of whether social media has lived up to its hype hasclearly been answered in the article. Various business professionalswho have been interviewed in the article gave responses which weresummarized and indicated that the social media can be used toleverage business operations. The article has clearly indicated thatthe hype of social media has been proofed and it is going to last forlong. Various business professionals have agreed to this fact afterconsidering the revolution that social media has brought to thebusiness world (Saeks, 2011). The article has highlighted how thesocial media has enhanced communication and feedback from theclients.

This article is extremely useful for the research assignment. Thisis because the article has given highlights on the usefulness ofsocial media in business and the tips to follow while trying to usesocial media effectively. It is evident from the article that theauthor has pointed to the negatives of social media such as wastageof time.


Saeks, F. (2011). Social media: Has it lived up tothe hype? January Franchising World.Vol. 43 Issue 1, p12. Trade Publications.

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