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AmeriVetInfoSec, LLCis a start-up company that seeks to engage in technology fieldthrough the provision of products and services that meets theclients’ needs. Thefirm is a minority, service disabled veteran owned small businessthat will offer computer support and upgrade service to clients. Theintended services includes software installing, hardware installingand replacing, data destruction, operating system upgrade,vulnerability scanning and patching, and data backup. The firmintends to providethe clients with the latest technology and innovative products thatwill serve their needs. The firm will offer excellent products andservices, which always captivate the clients. In order to enhanceservice delivery and client support, the company is preparing astrategic plan that will aid in realizing both the short-term andlong-term business objectives. The plan will guide the firm in itsbusiness objectives, business growth, customer satisfaction, andprofitability.

Weseek to set ourselves apart from our competition by being amultiservice company that provides multi services that can increaseproductivity, efficiency and decrease costs for our clients. The firmhas fast, fantastic, and friendly service that produces results thatare second to none. The company serves in the National Capital Region(DC, VA, MD, DE, WV). The business location is Clinton,Maryland.As part of our growth, AmeriVet InfoSec, LLCseeks to extend its services to the government departments. Already,the firm has engaged its employees to prepare for approaches thatwill see the firm get government contracts. We believe that thegovernment forms a large clientele. The government has great supportfor small businesses as well as the vulnerable groups.

Thegovernment has guidelines on preferential treatment for firms such asService-DisabledVeteran-Owned Businesses (SDVOB), Small Business, andMinority Own Businessto benefit from the federal contracts. AmeriVet InfoSec, LLC is inthe category of small business. We are, thus, eligible for theincreased opportunities in the government departments. AmeriVetInfoSec, LLC has already been certified by the government.

AmeriVetInfoSec, LLChasunique services that will enable it benefit from the firstmover advantage.The services are uniquely designed to assist the government inservice delivery to the citizens. Italso combines simplicity in the development of the business strategy.We have a large product portfolio to serve various government needs.There exist opportunities within the market, particularly due to theincreased empowerment on the small businesses and minorities. Withthe high uptake of technology in enhancing the delivery of services,we hope the quality services offered by our organization will havepositive impacts to the society. Our strategiesare geared towards addressingtheimmediate and medium-term obligations. ,AmeriVet InfoSec, LLC takesthe technology unit as the core in driving its business agenda. Thisdepartment is crucial since it houses most of the operationalstrategies and products to the clients. The operational approachesdemands for the micro-management of activities such as budgeting andscheduling. We believe that the operational strategies will informour future direction, including the corporate strategies after thefirm attains significant market share and growth. We adopt simplicitysince it is a better approach to get into the market and to attractconsumers. We also seek to maintain a close relationship with theclients to gain loyalty from the customers.

Despiteworking from a house, AmeriVetInfoSec, LLC has adopted the best businesspractices in all its operations. We have adopted quality initiativesstructuresto advance its business objective. This has enabled us to maintaingood business values and techniquesthat matches our clients’ needs. We have developed an appropriatecontrol system that enhances the link between all stakeholders,including suppliers, clients, and suppliers. The approach will helpus make good use of the little we have as well as promote the valuesthat the government expects from our line of business. Throughimproved strategiccontrols, we believe that our firm will achieve and maintain apositive growth rate.

Witha startupcapital of $1,000, we want to start small and make optimal use of ourresources. Part of our strategy is to partner with the manufacturerand distributors, when necessary, to enable us work with the limitedfinances. Another important approach is recruit part-time employeesto reduce the operational costs. We hope to undertake our marketingand advertising campaigns through the social media and personal as webelieve they are cheaper but with a wider reach. The firm alsocontributes to the society through social initiatives such assupporting the SickleCell Disease Association of America. Weseek to engage in government contracting services in computer-relatedservices. We have already registered as part of the firms benefitingfrom preferential treatment from the federal government. AmeriVetInfoSec, LLC also welcomes assistance from other investors or clientsto help in meeting our objectives. Nonetheless, we have developed anelaborate strategic plan that will guide our short-term and long-termgoals.


  • To offer unique, quality, and highly-valued computer-related services to our target clients

  • To achieve 100 percent market growth within the first year of operation.

  • To contribute positively towards the well-being of the society


  • Commitment excellence

  • Quality services

  • Customer satisfaction

CompanyLegal Description

TheLegal Status of the Business is and LLC. Limited Legibility Company.Under the status, the company is in a position to engage in biggerprojects, source funds, and remit tax.

Productsand Services

Theprimary services offered by AmeriVet InfoSec, LLCare included in the list below

  • software installing

  • hardware installing and replacing

  • hard drive destruction

  • hard drive degaussing

  • document destruction

  • Windows operating system upgrade

  • virus scanning and removal

  • data backup


AmeriVetInfoSec, LLCstrives to keep the clients satisfied through provision ofexceptional service and great purchasing experience. We seek toensure that we support the government in enhancing the provision ofservices to the citizens. The company appreciates that the clientsare the biggest assets of the company therefore, we will accord thebest quality services. The firm will try at all times to put theinterests of their clients first. We will work closely with therelevant government employees to aid in the provision of theservices.

Theservices offered by the firm will meet the specific needs of thegovernment. We will provide our services in timely and efficientmanner. Our services are designed in such a manner that they will addvalue to the government services. We have partnered with the bestmanufacturers to provide with the best products needed in theprovision our services. The company will go beyond the currentproduct varieties by adding new services in line with the advancementin technology and government needs. We believe that improved serviceswill advance the firm’s competitive advantage. In provision of ourservices, we design our services in response to continuous feedbackfrom the stakeholders. This will enable the firm to position itselfstrategically by assessing componentssuch as business growth,stability, profitability, efficiency and expansion into themarketplace.

Ourtarget clients are the federal department and federal agencies. Thegovernment has sought to continuously improve its service delivery byintroducing innovative approaches and technology. With myriadservices, needs, and objectives, the government looks at firms thatoffer quality and affordable services. We plan to offer variouspackages in line with the needs of our clients. The company’s goalis to become a market leader in provision of computer services. Weappreciate the fact that the field is a crowded one with many firmsoffering similar services. The success of this business will dependon the ability to attract and service clients. In view of this, ourmarketing strategy will seek to deliver, understand and communicate,and deliver the benefits that the clients are in need of. We havestrong belief that the government has a large market that remainspromising to the business operators (Grattan,2011).

Aspart of marketing strategies, AmeriVet InfoSec, LLC will undertake amulti-pronged approach. We plan to utilize strategies such aspersonal selling, advertising, public relations, and sales promotionto reach out to the government bodies. Due to high competition in themarket, the company plans to develop innovative and tacticalstrategies to reach target clients. Some of the social mediaplatforms that the company plans to use include: Facebook YahooGoogle and, Twitter. These marketing strategies will be developedbefore the pricing is done and should include target market,selection and product positioning. To assess the potential threatsfrom a competing company, an examination of market share andawareness of our services brands will be done. With this, the companyseeks to grow, establish, and transform itself as a business empireand expand its presence in the United States and expand into otherregional market.


Thebusiness environment within the ‘Technology Industry’ is highlycompetitive but very potential in terms of revenue generation whenthe right measures are employed. AmeriVetInfoSec, LLChas putadequate resources in improving the competence of technology andservice provision. The strategy formulation has the input from theemployees and feedback from previous clients. However,the firm faces challenges due the inability to match the financialand marketing power of its potential competitors. There is intensecompetitive with many related brands and products in the market placeand organizations competing for consideration from the potentialclients. Technology industry is subtle to changes within a shortperiod. We believe in our strategies and potential to achieve ourobjectives. To manage the potential challenges, the firm hasidentified measures that address all the functional and businessunits.

Wewill use the consumer perspective as the baseline when offeringquality services to the clients. Quality services will improve thesatisfaction of the clients as well as independence. Financialresources are instrumental to ensure that all the objectives are met.Besides, the firm needs to grow its revenue base to safeguard againstthe growing demands and needs by the clients. There exist opportunityowing to the advancement in technology that will help in the creationof better systems that will address the various needs by both thecompany and the clients. In the development of the action plan, theorganization needs to evaluate its strengths, responsibilities andobjectives. With specific and measurable objectives, it is possibleto realize positive outcomes. The strategies on using the systemshould be geared towards providing the necessary standards andsolutions.Excellence in the operational perspective is an important area thatenhances quality provision of the services (Parnell,2010).This goes a long way in ensuring that all the organizationalprocesses and units are undertaking their roles optimally.Thecompany will also seek to establish a long term relationship with thegovernment to aid in the realization of both long and short termobjectives. In devising the company strategies, we lay great emphasison the needs of their clients, competition and the businessenvironment. We appreciate the fact that we need to create trust withthe government by embracing the values advocated by the state.

Thevalue proposition of the services will be generated from our abilityto connect the growing technology market in the governmentdepartments. Our services to the government are anticipated toimprove service delivery as well as support the competitiveness. Torealize its objective of becoming the a leading computer-relatedservices provider, the company will adopt the following approaches

  1. Create partnerships with the stakeholders in the industry including but not limited to government agencies, advocacy groups, and manufacturers. This will be realized through communication and marketing strategy detailing the mission of the company while providing business development platforms for our partners.

  2. Position the company as the premier firm in the provision of computer-related services. We seek to realize the objective by offering quality and favorably priced services to the government departments.

  3. Offer an unparalleled customer service and guide to the clients so as to gain customer loyalty and confidence. This will be accomplished by exhibiting a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction in all phases of the operation.

  4. Continued diversification of our services portfolio will enable the firm remain relevant despite the increasing competition.

Jeff(2008) asserts that implementing strategic approaches offerscompanies with an opportunity to survive and prosper in any businessenvironment. The aim of the AmeriVetInfoSec, LLC is to createcompetitive services that will help them meet the needs of theclients while advancing their interests. The implementation of abusiness strategy involves several tasks that are distributed throughthe training, planning and checking phases. Both the clients andemployees are significant in the realization of the businessobjectives. The employees will be regularly trained to improve theirskills in decision-making and service delivery. At the implementationstage, the firm should be ready to determine the effectiveness oftheir new strategies and the return on its investment inorganizational changes. Themain issues that the firm will assess at this stage include clients’increment, business development, new products and services.More importantly,aspects such as the needs of the AmeriVetInfoSec, LLC,challenges, resources available and objectives are crucial instrategy formulation. Technology is bound to change with timetherefore, the design of the strategy formulation needs will beconfigured to address such changes.

Organizationand Management

Thefounders will be the planners, decision-makers and organizers of theorganization. The supervisors will be expected to have technical,leadership, analytical, specialized skills human and conceptualskills that contribute to high performance. The elaborate planningwithin the company will give an operational and logical structure ofa set up procedure aimed at providing a rational method ofdecision-making.The company plans to use principles of quality management system thatblends, integrates, aligns and maximizes the other systems to beatcompetition in excellent quality performance. Wehave already developed a policy to guide major functions such asemployment. With proper recruitment and policy, the company will bein a position to have a culture that will ensure commitment tocustomer satisfaction, through continuous improvement and training inall departments of the business. For the time being, the business isoperating from my house hence anticipate that the operational costwill be minimal.

Wewill also contract other individuals on part-time basis depending onthe needs. By the end of the first year, the company will recruitindividuals to fill the following vital positions marketing andadvertising executive, business account manager and webadministrator. With increased revenue, the company will easily coverthe costs to hire additional staff. We also plan to lease an officeonce we have enough cash flow to support increased operational costs.

Biosof Key Management

AmeriVetInfoSec, LLCis led by its cofounders who have skills on business and technology.We have also recruited talented and skilled individuals to help inmeeting our objectives. The company will need to expand working teamto achieve its business objectives and objectives in the anticipationof the expanded mandate brought by government contracting. The teamwill be focused on providing the quality service therefore, theyshould be team builders and great decision makers. The supervisors,working together with the founders, will be in-charge of makingdecisions and providing guidance to the other employees in thecompany.




  • The founders are the vision carriers and key decision makers in the venture

  • No prior unlearning.

  • Dependable and skilled workforce


  • Competition


  • Place the company as the foremost provider of computer-related services

  • Partner with the best manufacturers of products

  • We will embrace professionalism in growing our business.


  • Advancement and dependence on technology in service provision

  • Government’s involvement and other assistance to small businesses


  • After the success of the company’s business, there may be new competitors who offer the same kind services.


  • The company will seek to keep upgrading its services to keep itself relevant to the ever- changing trends in technology and market needs.

  • The company will strive to offer friendly prices.


Thefinancial obligations are the overhead cost. This is typical cost ofthe utility of the house and the internet bill. The key assets are: 1desktop computer, 1 laptop computer, 1 printer, and a personal-ownedvehicle

Thefollowing areas will be monitored to evaluate the performance of thebusiness

  • Monthly and annual sales

  • Monthly and annual profits

  • Customers’ satisfaction

Forpurposes of the analysis we will use the start-up expenses thatinclude the 6 months of operating cash flow as the fixed costs. Sincewe assume that the full time staff will be able to facilitate allsales, there will be no variable costs associated with the salesmade.


Grattan,R. F. (2011). Strategicreview : The process of strategy formulation in complexorganisations.Burlington: Gower.

Jeffs,C. (2008). Strategicmanagement.London : SAGE.

Parnell,J. A. (2010). Strategic clarity, business strategy and performance.Journalof Strategy and Management,3(4), 304-324.

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