Clinical Services Satisfaction


ClinicalServices Satisfaction

The nonprofitagency seeks to evaluate clients` satisfaction with their differenttypes of clinical services offered. The clinical servicessatisfaction varies among the agency`s clientele base consideringthey handle an approximated 2,000 clients. Having been mandated bythe agency to carry out the evaluation of the client satisfaction,the whole work needs proper planning a systematic process for betterevaluation of the clients` level of satisfaction.

According toPress (2002), different clients have different levels of clinicalsatisfaction. Therefore, my first evaluation would focus on theindividual client. Based on the agency`s report of its clients, Iwould plan the systematic process through a survey of clients` ageand general health conditions. I would devise questionnaires that Iwould ask a sample of the clients served by the agency. Thequestionnaire will have different questions depending on the clients`age and psychotherapy needs (Bordens &amp Abbott, 2014).

Secondly, whatI would do is focus on the clients` preferences when it comes totheir clinical attention by the agency. The use of the survey todetermine what the clients` prefer will also include the use of aquestionnaire, which I would modify to ask what their preferencesmeans to the convenience of the agency. For example, I would ask theclients, especially those clients receiving psychotherapy on whetherthe clinical hours were decent and sufficient. What I would alsofocus on is the agency`s efforts in respect to the amount of timeallocated to individual clients as noted by Bordens &amp Abbott(2014).

Finally, toensure the success of the evaluation, how I would do this is bygrouping the clients` based on their age groups and medical conditionfor an open survey of their feedback based on how they are attendedby the agency. The evaluation would also focus how the clients` aretreated by asking the time taken for a single client to be served.Denove &amp Power (2006) observed that search an evaluation wouldassist the agency to adjust the time by reducing a long time theclient would take by urging the clients to visit during off-peakhours. Additionally, I would do this will be by coming up with analternative way of managing appointment systems for a joint strategybetween the agency and the clients.


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