Community Teaching Pamphlet on Bioterrorism


Target: Above 18years

Length: 20 minutes presentation and 15 minutes Q&ampA

Teaching Objectives

1. The community members should understand the differentbiological weapons used by terrorists.

2. They should also understand the various methods that they canuse to protect themselves from the effects of the different elementsused in such attacks.

3. The participants should appreciate their role in taking care oftheir heath in the case of a bioterrorism attack.


Illustrations to emphasize the best actions recommend during abioterrorism attack, photos of previous bioterrorism attacks,handouts summarizing the recommend action, slides highlighting themajor points.


Introduce the topic to community members and allow them to give anyinformation they may be having regarding bioterrorism.


Introduce the community members to the common biological weapons useby terrorists and their effects on health. Also, have them view thephotos of different attacks from history for them to grasp the extentto which the effects of the attack can extend. Use the availablematerials lie the slide and illustrations to portray thisinformation. Graphics accompanied by explanations are effective inpassing information.

Introduce the attendees to the different ways that the terrorists useto expose people to the weapons. After this inform them on how theycan protect themselves from the attacks using the locally availableknowledge. Also, point out the locally available facilities that canprovide emergency care for those affected. With this in mind, theywill not feel helpless in case of an attack.


After the presentation, allow the members to express any concerns forclarifications. Also, take questions and answer them satisfactorily.Due to an expected big number of questions, take several questions tonce and answer those related together.

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