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Definitionof the problem

Theproblem presented regards the option of coming up with the mosteffective product positioning strategy. Crescent Pure, a beveragerecently acquired by Portland Drake Beverages. The drink wasnon-alcoholic and was awaiting its launch in the United Statesmarkets. After the acquisition of the product, there was a need tocome up with the most efficient positioning strategy that wouldassure Portland Drake Beverages of the highest profits possible. Atthe moment, the company had two options that they could use forpositioning. The first was positioning the drink based on theenergizing ingredients that it had while the other positioningstrategy was the use of the drink for the hydrating elements that ithad, therefore positioning it as a sports drink. The divergentopinion held by the management was making it difficult for the vicepresident to decide on which was the best positioning strategy thatcould be used. The primary goal was to ensure that the companyachieved the highest profits possible.

Relevantand Balanced Analysis

Thedecision to choose on the best positioning strategy needs should bepreceded by a careful analysis of the situation. There twopositioning strategies are an application as available in the drink.The decision to use it as a sports drink would mean that the drinkwould be appealing to most sportsmen and women. In that case, thedrink would gain popularity among the sports community. The samewould further reflect on a reduced market share since there is alimited number of people who would opt for the drink. Alternatively,when deciding to use position the product based on the energizingelements in the drink, it would mean that many people have the optionof going for the drink. The purchases would not be limited to aparticular group of individuals but would be open to anyone who feelsthe energizing elements in the drink is appealing to them. A decisionon the best positioning strategy should be based on such components(Wang,et al).

Viablealternative solution

Themost feasible solution is to come up with a positioning strategy thatcombines the two already existing strategies. For example, there isthe issue of positioning Crescent Pure as a healthy drink based onthe organic components that it has. In such a case, what happens isthat the ordinary consumers would be having an interest in going tothe product because it has organic elements serving as its primaryingredients. It would further be appealing considering that manypeople are increasingly opting to go for food products that areorganic in nature than the manufactured components. As for attractingthe sports community, there is the aspect that the drink containsorganic elements that could be hydrating in nature and could servethe purpose of meeting the concerns of the sports people. For thesame reason, they would not have to worry about getting otherhydrating agents such as water since the drink would already becontaining such elements.

Analyzealternatives in context with the defined criteria

Theoptions that are available, however, need to be explained by variousfactors such as the competitors, the market sizes, and the consumerpreferences. Positioning the product as an energy drink means thatthe customers have to have a broader understanding of what exactlyhappens if that would be the option to be taken. An analysis of theproduct shows that as an energy drink, the sports people wouldbenefit from not getting fatigued while at the same time enhancingtheir mental focus while they are active in the field events. Thereis a need to put focus on the number of people who take energy drinksand how often they do the same. That should act as a guide when itcomes to deciding on whether the product would eventually earn thesales it is intended. However, upon deciding on using the drink forthe elements that it contains, there is the benefit that many of thecustomers would opt to go for the product instead of that offered byother beverage companies. It does arise out of the fact that manyconsumers choose to go for healthier products.


Thebest alternative would be to take the option that would yield greatersales compared to the other. There are fundamental areas that wouldneed to be considered before deciding on the best alternative. Themarket research conducted did indicate that there was an increase inthe number of people who were consuming the energy drinks. That couldform a good ground to market the product as an energy drink. Thedecision to settle on the most efficient positioning strategy wouldrely on the number of sales that would be achieved by the company.Portland Drake Beverages has to consider all of the options beforesettling on the best strategy. Various factors such as the market,the prices, competitors and the production capacity would have to beconsidered before deciding on one of the strategies (Wang,et al).Feasibility studies need to be conducted that would ensure that abroader understanding of the market is got. The same can be achievedby working with the retailers since they are the ones who supply theproduct directly to the customers. With the information, it would bepossible to have an understanding of the prices that can also becharged about that being charged by the competitors.


PortlandDrake Beverages is a company that is involved in the manufacture ofbeverage drinks. The company deals with the production of juices thatare organic in nature and sparkling waters. The company is headed byMichael Booth, who is the chief executive officer and has otherexecutive members working below him. One of them is Sarah Ryan, whois the vice president of marketing at the organization. The companyrecently acquired Crescent Pure that was manufacturing crescent as anon-alcoholic drink. Sarah Ryan, being the vice president has beentasked with the duty of coming up with the most efficient positioningfor the product that has recently been acquired. She has the mandateof conducting a marketing analysis and extensive research that wouldensure that the company gets the highest profits from the sale ofCrescent. However, for the achievement of the same, it could bemandatory for Sarah Ryan to understand the industry dynamics andrelate the same to the most appropriate positioning strategy thatwould yield the highest profits upon entry into the market. There areother senior management officers also in charge of approval of theplan that would be presented by Ryan for the Crescent.


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