Comparing and Contrasting the Websites of Oxford Shoes and Nike Shoes

Comparingand Contrasting the Websites of Oxford Shoes and Nike Shoes

Thesetwo shoe companies dominate the market with different models ofshoes. The Oxford shoes are for official wear, and they mainly targetthe older generation of customers. Nike shoes are casual sportswear,and their main market source is the younger generation. I willcompare and contrast the two shoe companies based on the design oftheir websites. While comparing and contrasting, I will focus onvarious aspects of the webpage design.


Thisis a vital part of a website. This is because its design creates thevery first impression to a reader. Oxford’s homepage isprofessional and serious. The first image that I saw was images ofnew arrivals dress shoes for both men and women. The color of thewebsite is subtle, and this makes the homepage appear sophisticated.I realized all this was to attract older readers who are the targetmarket for these shoes. On the other hand, when I accessed Nike’swebsite, the first thing I saw was their famous slogan, “Just DoIt!” the slogan was in bold and loud colors. The images of the newarrivals displayed colorful shoes for all sexes. I saw that thearrangement of the homepage was done in a fun and exciting manner toattract the younger generation. However, I noticed that bothhomepages have a use as an advertising board for the newest productsdeveloped by the two companies.


Thisrefers to the arrangement of the website. It determines whether itemsand information are easy to locate without the use of many efforts. I saw that Oxford’s website had a simple arrangement of items.There is the use of dropdown menus for accessing other parts of thewebsite. This helps the older readers who visit the website to getthe information they are searching for without much fuss. Nike’swebsite has a rather complicated arrangement. It took me a less timeto locate some parts of the website. The colorful design of thewebsite somewhat dazzled me. However, this is a very fit design forthe younger readers that visit the website as they always like achallenge.


Thisrefers to the movement within the website. I saw that Oxford’swebsite had a large navigation bar with dropdown menus. This is easyfor locating information quickly although it tends to block otherinformation. On Nike’s website, I noticed that the navigation barat the top remains at all times regardless of the section I visitedthe website. This is a very helpful design as one can quickly accessthe homepage.


Isaw that the font that used on both websites was easy to read, andthe character sizes were large enough. This is useful for the readerswho access them. No information is lost as everything is easy to seeand read.


Isaw that Oxford’s search was one of the selections in the drop-downmenu, which was somewhat an inconvenience. Nike’s search is mucheasier to use as it is located on the navigation bar at the top ofthe screen.


Thisrefers to whether the website access on different devices is possiblewithout obstruction of any important information. For both websites,I noticed that they work on any device including mobile phones. Thishelps readers who access the sites to have the convenience ofobtaining information at any point.


Thisrefers to beauty. I saw that the design of both websites had aninnate beauty that attracts the readers that they seek. For Oxford,the deep, authentic design appeals more to the older generation.Nike’s flashy and trendy design suits the younger generationperfectly.

Pillarsof Persuasion

Accordingto Aristotle, they consist of three main pillars. These pillarsethos, pathos, and logos.


Isaw that the professionalism of the websites attracts the readers andgives them the confidence that the content and information obtainedfrom the website is credible information.


Inoticed that the websites were able to connect with the readers on apersonal level. This is through giving the reader an ability to signup to the website to become a member. Members get email alerts on newproducts and promotions.


Isaw that all the information presented on both websites was logicaland readers can get many details about the two companies and theirproducts.

Inoted that use of the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to attractreaders and customers was a common practice for the two companies.The use of the second level of need that is safety is the first needthe two companies’ target. The shoes can protect the feet from theelements. Besides, use of the fourth and fifth needs that isself-esteem needs and self-actualization. Ownership of such shoesbrings a sense of achievement and boosts one self-esteem.


Ihave noted that the two shoe companies have worked on their websitesto guarantee they have maximum readers from their target market. Thestructure and design of each website suit the needs and preference ofthe readers they target.


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