“Do Learners Really Know Best? Urban Legends in Education” Article Review


“DoLearners Really Know Best? Urban Legends in Education” ArticleReview

“Do Learners Really Know Best? Urban Legends in Education”Article Review

This articlecritically examines the urban legends in education on the nature oflearning, learners, and teaching, while taking a look at what thepsychological and educational research has for them. In teaching andeducation, the article analysis of the three urban legends clearlyreveals that innovations or educational techniques are not backed upby scientific evidence, although it is widely believed and widelyimplemented. The article emphasizes that students are not bettermanagers in their learning process, especially when they arenavigating through and studying in the digital world (Kirschner etal., 2013). However, there is available evidence for these studentsto refute these and other legends.

Here, thearticle talks of three urban legends however, the evidence fordenying claims about other legends are at one extreme is the presenceof partial support. The legend itself at this extreme is likely to befalse or has the least and extreme overgeneralization. For example,the article, for example, sticks with the claim that considering thelearners to have full control over their learning would likely havenumerous positive effects on the learning process (Kirschner et al.,2013). A critical look at the other end of the continuum is evidencedby the urban legends and is supported by substantial proof of theopposite, showing that the presence of poor education.

In conclusion, the point in the article is that educationalpolicymakers, educators, and researchers should all ignoreeducational approaches, which lack the sufficiency in methodologicaland scientific support in the sound empirical evidence. Here,Kirschner et al. (2013) is of the idea that to provide such anautonomy appears to be widely consistent with motivational research,which will likely advocate for students` granting of independence.


Kirschner, P. A., Jeroen, J.G. &amp van, M. J. (2013). Do LearnersReally Know Best? Urban Legends in Education. EducationalPsychologist, 48, 3, 169-183.

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