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VerizonWireless has its main operations in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. It isthe leading wireless provider. Established on April 4, 2000, it is awholly owned subsidiary of Verizon Communications. In the fourthquarter of 2015, it had achieved net retail postpaid connections were1.5million with the overall retail connections being 112.1 millionand overall retail postpaid connections being 106.5 million(Freifeld, 2008).

VerizonWireless holds a larger market segment closely followed by AT&ampTMobility. The T-Mobile US and Sprint occupy third and fourthpositions respectively (Freifeld, 2008). According to Freifeld(2008), Verizon Wireless employees follow the Verizon Code ofConduct, which details various ethical issues. The ethical concernsfaced by Verizon include customer service employee training toimprove customer experience leading to customer satisfaction,retention of employees which has been a major concern for verizone.

Insummary, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT)analysis of Verizon Wireless is as discussed below

  1. Strengths

VerizonWireless has a strong network coverage with over 100 millionsubscribers supported by an employee base of over 190,000 (Freifeld,2008). It is the largest wireless carrier with 4G capabilities.

  1. Weaknesses

Itoffers significantly higher prices as compared to other operators.It`s primarily found in the Americas hence limited to this region(Freifeld, 2008).

  1. Opportunities

Itcan expand internationally and regionally acquiring other firms. Italso embarked on the expansion of audio conferencing facilities andgrowth Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) business (Freifeld, 2008).

  1. Threats

Stiffcompetition in US market and existing regulations affectingoperations offers a significant challenge to Verizon Wirelessservices (Freifeld, 2008).

VerizonWireless has positioned itself in the market based on an excellentnetwork base and also IP infrastructure. This is backed up by asignificant number of users mostly the young individuals, net andmobile savvy individuals. Their product and services are wellmarketed hence the deeper market penetration.


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