is a form of qualitative research where the researcherinteracts with the culture and the participants he wants to study.During the time of interaction, the researcher will take extensivenotes about the culture he is studying (Burns et al., 2015). It isessential to note that the culture is no longer tied to a particulargroup of people in a selected geographical location. Nowadays, theculture of a defined group can be studied. The approach’sphilosophical orientation is realized when the researcher seeks tofind answers to his or her questions through a sober mind (Grills,2014).

There are various problems or research topics that cannot be studiedthrough quantitative research and they can only be studied throughqualitative research methods. is one of the mainly andwidely used qualitative research method (Burns et al., 2015). Oneresearch gap or a problem statement is finding out the origin ofbullying in male classrooms. This is research gap which can only bewell understood through ethnography. It is clear that is a culture ofa specific group and ethnography is mainly used to study the cultureof specific groups from the perspective of the subject.

It is worth noting that in this form of research, the researcherwill be immersed in the culture and will collect data throughobservation. It is worth, however, to assert that the research mayuse interviews to gather additional data. The justification for usingethnography for this research gap is that it is the most applicablemethod and the research will have the best opportunity to study theculture of the group (LeCompte &amp Schensul, 2010). The behavior ofbullying amongst male classes is an interesting phenomena and aresearcher can only best understand it when he participates in theactivities and observe how the behavior begins and grows.


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