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The book focuses on discussing justice to a group in the society thatdid not have equal rights with the males in the same society. Itexplains the status of women during the reign of Richard Nixon in theUnited States of America. During this time, women did not have equalopportunities, as is the situation today (Young and Buzzanco, 2008)..For instance, the predecessors of Nixon had ensured that all thepolicy makers were males. As a result, this denied women a chance toparticipate in making policies that would later control their lives.However, during his reign, women activists had increased and theydecided to tell their president about the inequality.

Nixon listened to the women and was ready to grant them their wishby allowing participation of women in the administration of thecountry. As a result, he appointed women task force that was toinvestigate the injustices and the solutions to be adapted in orderto end the injustice would end. The task force gave somerecommendations to the president whereby women wanted a continuousprogress on their civil rights, and they wanted the executive arm ofthe government to compromise of additional women. In addition, thecommittee agreed that sex discrimination had to end in the country.

The issue resulted to too many politics in the country until 1970where some members of the administration cited failure by thegovernment. The failure resulted since the government had not putinto place all the recommendations given. Robert Finch was on thefrontline line in the fight to achieve women rights. He also foughtfor the appointment of Barbara Ann Franklin who was aged 31 years atthe time of appointment. He was supposed to serve as assistant workforce for the president in the executive. Furthermore, Franklin hadthe authority to have women employed in the executive. She was agraduate from the state University of Pennsylvania in 1962 and hadher postgraduate education in Harvard University where she graduatedin 1964. Later, the appointment of Franklin helped President Nixon inensuring that women enjoyed same privileges as men did.

However, after he was sworn to power in 1969, President Nixon wasfaced with another challenge and solving it would contribute to thesuccess of his presidency. The challenge was bringing to an end theparticipation of America in Vietnam War. His willingness to end thewar, foreign relations experience and toughness were some of theattributes that he aimed to use. America always had political andmilitary advantage and he hoped that negotiations to ensure peace hadprevailed in Northern part of Vietnam would bare fruits.

The first thing that President Nixon did when he got into power wasto command the American military to add the pressure they used in thebattlefield. By doing this, the president was hopeful that theVietnam allies would advice the leaders of the country allow seriousnegotiations. On the contrary, this move did not bring him any closeto ending the war, he considered withdrawing his troops from thecountry as he engaged in dialogue with the President of VietnamNguyen. In addition, the military was assigned a task of trainingmilitias from South Vietnam.

Later in 1973, Nixon led in the signing of a peace agreement inVietnam. He achieved this by imposing threats to the president ofVietnam who was not ready to end the war. The threats includedwithdrawing of the American militias from Vietnam. The agreement sawAmerica welcome its prisoners of war back to their country as well aswithdrawing from the war. However, war continued in Vietnam since theparties involved in Vietnam did not fulfill the agreement made. Thewar came to an end in 1975 when peace was finally experienced inVietnam after the country being in war for twenty years. It isimportant to note that the war began as a resistance againstAmericans in Vietnam. America was hard against the allies in theSoviet Union due to the cold war being intense (Laderman, 2009).

The yearbook is relevant to the Vietnam War since it discusses howPresident Nixon rose into power. The rise of the president to thethrone was a milestone to seeing that the war had come to an end. Thewar that had begun in 1955 had become a concern to the Americans andbringing the war to an end would be the greatest achievement for theAmericans. When Nixon rose to power, he had the interests of hispeople at heart and this is why he made some great achievements asoutlined in this paper. Bringing to an end the injustices that womenwere facing in the country was one major achievement. Also, endingthe participation of America in the Vietnam War and also ensuringthat all the prisoners of war had been brought back home was anothergreat achievement.


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