Gospel Music (Journal)

Immediate observation

Todaywas my first time visiting a Gospel church service. When I walkedinto the church, I noticed there was a picture on each glass windowwhose color was incredibly bright and meaningful. Each image carrieda special meaning and uniquely communicated a message to theaudience.

Compositionof the choir

Inthe middle of the church, there was a choir with musical instrumentsinclusive of an electronic piano, drum kits and a pipe organ. Iobserved chorus members and solo singers in the group.

Myinitial experience

Theexperience of encountering Gospel music for the first time made itquite interesting for me. Two reasons that notably made itinteresting were as a singer, I have always learnt classic music,which is traditional, official and elegant. However, the Gospel musicwas more like current pop music, which was random and the melody wasfree with modern style.

Audienceresponse to the music

Everyonein the church was swaying with the sound of the music whenever it wasplayed. This atmosphere made people relaxed and enjoyed every moment

Natureof the message

Asthe music progressed, the congregation would raise their handsunconsciously. The second reason the experience was fascinating wasthe priests who were always encouraging church members to face lifepositively in their sermons. I liked the positive attitude very muchconveyed to the listeners through the sermons.

Compositionof congregation

Myobservation made me realize that black people accounted for thelarger percentage of about 85% or 90%. The other small percentageaccounted for the other races in the congregation.


Themembers of the church warmly welcomed the guests present withgreetings while smiling. Their warm welcome drove away the fear andnervousness in me, and I felt I at home.

Moments of curiosity

Iwas curious about why some women sitting at the front wore whiteberets. Was there any particular meaning attached to such? Ienthusiastically look forward to the next the church service as I geta revelation on more of the Gospel music.

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