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Assistedliving is an alternative to nursing facilities and rehabilitationcenters. In addition to the services that are given to beneficiariesin nursing homes and rehabilitation centers, assisted living alsooffers housing, personalized care services and also healthcare. Theindividuals who benefit from the services given assisted livingenvironments include those who require help with their dailyactivities. Assisted living services are usually offered close tohospitals and nursing facilities, or in combination with continuingcare communities. Assisted living may also be offered in independenthousing environments. The role of assisted living is to environmentsthat feel like home to those who may need the services (AssistedLiving., n.d.). The environments that host assisted living servicesmay include buildings of various designs. For instance, theestablishment may be multi-story or single story buildings that offerprivate or at least semi-private accommodation services. Theresidences may sometimes have suits made of two rooms to create aling space that feels like an apartment. The rooms also have areasthat have kitchenettes, and bathrooms that offer residents the neededprivacy.

Thedifference between assisted living and residence that get care fromnursing homes and rehab centers is the fact that the environments ofassisted living are made to replicate those of the home environment.Assisted living gives the beneficiaries more comfortable feels ascompared to nursing homes where the services offered are more ofhealthcare and not much is done to make the residents feel at home(Assisted Living., n.d.).

Assistedliving is growing very first as a field of healthcare because of itscombination of healthcare benefits and emotional support offered likethe home environment derived from the environment. Assisted living isalso cheaper as compared to nursing homes and rehabilitation centersdespite the fact that it offers more benefits as compared to nursinghomes.


Assistedliving is growing very fast as a field of health care in the UnitedStates of America. Therefore, as a student at CSU, it would besignificant for one to prepare themselves for a career in the field(Horsford&amp Zimmerman, 2016).One of the career choices is administration of assisted livingfacilities or even being an owner of an assisted living facility.

Anadministrator of an assisted living facility may need severalqualifications. Some of the most important requirements are typicalfor all leader positions. For instance, leadership skills areessential (MCSV | MailChimp, n.d.). Therefore, to prepare for theposition of chief executive officer or other directorial job, it isimportant that one takes part in leadership skills developmentprograms such as student leadership.

Toprepare myself for senior position in assisted living, I wouldsharpen my leadership skills, and excel well in my academics toensure that I pass my exams and first qualify to be a leader. I wouldalso volunteer for the student leadership positions that areavailable in CSU so as to sharpen leadership skills (Horsford&amp Zimmerman, 2016).I would also study courses that involve healthcare to understand thehealthcare needs of people who may be residents of the assistedliving (MCSV | MailChimp., n.d.). To further prepare to be a directoror CEO, I would also train in financial issues that all managersshould know to manage an institution.

Thereare several job opportunities that are available in the field ofassisted living. The job includes managerial jobs such as chieffinance officers, nursing, and other medical and healthcare basedjobs.


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