Healthcare Malpractices



Medicalmalpractices are the actions that are performed by healthcareprofessionals which are contrary to the norms of the medical codes.These practices are varied depending on the situation at hand. In theUnited States, the most common malpractices include wronginterpretation of X-rays, wrong prescription of medicine and havingmedical services on a patient without seeking their consent. Thesemedical malpractices have led to several deaths and more complicatedsituations in hospitals. To curb these malpractices, the UnitedStates should come up with a law that governs the situation. Thisshould include different penalties for the situations. Damages likeloss of lives, medical expenses, emotional distress and physical paincan be reduced. In some of the States like Minnesota, healthcaremalpractices have drastically reduced since some laws were enforced.Healthcare experts are careful on the ways they handle patients andthis has led to a reduced healthcare malpractices (Allen,2013).

Managedcare organizational programs in the United States include healthmaintenance organization, preferred provider organization andexclusive provider organization. These bodies are charged with aresponsibility of ensuring better healthcare services for patientsand a good working environment for the professionals. Theseorganizations are structured to reduce some costs which are notnecessary by ensuring some incentives to the physicians. Theyorganize how patients should be handled depending on the extent oftheir complications, helping in ensuring affordable costs endestablishing how the incentives are to be shared to ensuresatisfaction. These models are useful in the reduction of complexissues that may arise between the patients and the physicians, extracosts and negligence in healthcare organizations. The desire to havean affordable healthcare service for the middle and the low class inthe country has been achieved by the provisions of theseorganizations (Gold,Marsha. Nysenbaum, Jessica. Streeter, 2012)


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