How to Cope with Stress

Howto Cope with Stress


Stressesin My Life

Mostof the stresses in my life arise from school work. Unlike highschool, I found college to be much more demanding. Compared to highschool, in college the class work became more difficult the lecturesseemed distant and assignments were hard to complete in time.Besides, the independence I found at college was hard to manage for Iwas used to a life of rules and guidelines. I now find myselfslacking in my studies and struggle to attend my lectures. Also, I amunder emotional stress. The emotional stress occurs whenever I havedisagreements with my family and friends. All these tensions havedisrupted my sleep patterns. At times, I have difficulty getting tosleep and other times I lack the strength to get up from bed in themorning. These stresses have taken a toll on my appetite, and I canbarely find the urge to eat my meals. These factors have led to myphysical well-being to be at risk as I am currently practicing anunhealthy lifestyle. My concentration has deteriorated, and I canbarely keep my eyes open at lectures.

HowI Cope with the Stresses

Ihad to find ways that will meet these pressures to guarantee mywelfare. The discussion below shows the methods that I found, whichhelp me cope with all these stresses.

Ibecame keen on time management. I scheduled all the importantclasswork and assignments that I have to complete so that I am neverbehind on any deadlines. I developed a comprehensive reminder systemthat alerted me of any task I was yet to complete.

Istarted participating in physical activities by jogging every morningbefore starting my day. This action makes me fell refreshed and withenough zeal to tackle a new day.

Ialso go to my close friends and family whenever I feel that I amgoing through a lot. Speaking out what is stressing me has been aneffective way of handling the stresses in my life.

Finally,I have decided to have an optimistic approach to life. No matter howtough it gets, I will make it.

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