How to Display Results in a Report Using APA Format

Howto Display Results in a Report Using APA Format

Placementof Result of a t-test with 38 Degrees of Freedom

Whenusing the APA style to display statistical results, all symbols thatare not Greek letters should be in italics (APA, 2001). Therefore,when displaying a result that gave the value of t as 1.38 and thesignificance level of p&lt.20 the results is written as

t(38) = 1.38, p = 0.20

TheProper Placement of a Figure within the Text

Figuresare any pictorial display of information that is not tabled. They canbe charts, graphs or pictures. The figures add more information to atext as well as simplifying it. The correct placement of figures in adocument using the APA style involves following several rules. Thefigures have numbers according to the order of their appearance. Alarge enough font is important to ensure all the informationdisplayed on the figure is easy to see. If the figure is a graph,proper plotting is a requirement for all the points. Labels should beclose to the items they are naming. Axis labels on graphs have to beparallel to their respective axes. The legend in the figure should bewithin the frame. Any description about the figure is italicized,double spaced and comes at the bottom of the figure (APA, 2005).

TheProper Placement of a Table within the Text

Tablesare useful for simplifying texts. The proper placement of a table ina report using the APA format involves several rules. Every tableshould have a reference using in-text quotation. The tables also havenumbers according to their position of appearance in the document orreport. The formatting styles should be the same for all the tables.All the tables should be double-spaced as well. The brevity of thetable title is another rule, however it should explain as muchinformation as possible. The title of the table should be in italicsalthough the table number should not. Regular abbreviations andsymbols are useful as part of the title. Every column should have aheading with the first letter capitalized. Notes about the table suchas the source of the information are found at the bottom of the table(APA, 2005).

TheProper Referencing for the Textbook

Thegeneral structure followed when referencing a book using APA styleis Authors last name, first name then middle name. The year that thebook was published (in brackets) follows next. The book title comeslast then the publisher of the book (APA, 2001).


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