Human Relation


TheM.Ed. in human relations is meant to excavate the learning process,human behavior as well as interpersonal communication skills. In thatregard, I personally gained a lot on the interpersonal relationskills. Communication is a vital aspect in many areas of life such aswithin institutions, working area i.e. companies, family andgovernmental bodies among others. By acquiring knowledge on how torelate with different kinds of people, my self-image as aprofessional has been boosted or rather improved. Additionally, forinterpersonal communication to be effective, it is important to studyhuman behaviors since people have different characters. In thatrespect, by having knowledge on the human facets of behaviors, myinterpersonal skills are boosted accordingly.

Withthe globe continuously evolving in various features, so does thehuman behavior. As per the requirement of this course, one ought todevelop sensitivity and appreciation to human diversity. Therefore,this course will have to be flexible so as to incorporate thechanging human behaviors with time. In other words, the currentprocedures and information entailed in the course are relevant andwill impact tremendously in my life skills. However, with time, Iwould need to complement and align my current skills with any changesthat may arise on human behaviors.

Thiscourse can often lead to self-actualization. As described in Maslowhierarchy of needs, self-actualization generally entailsself-fulfillment and one’s potential can be realized. By improvingon the various aspects of human behavior i.e. enabling criticalthinking, developing actual communication and interpersonal skillsthen one can achieve self-fulfillment. Additionally, one is sensitiveto the different human behavior and is able to appreciate the same.Emphasis on all this aspects are quite effective in promotingself-actualization. Therefore, the degree will more often than notlead to self-actualization [ CITATION Hui07 l 1033 ].


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