Impressionist Music



The author of the music is Maurice Ravel and it was Witten in 1912.After listening to the music, I have noticed that the composition ofthe music has been rhymed well, and thus, the tone has met a standardmusic composition. The performer uses drums and trumpets so that thetone and the beats meet the music standard of entertaining differentpeople. Upon listening to the music, I have also noted that constantrhyme has been used, and this is the reason that the music has a tonethat has an influence to the people.

I have also noted that the tone has been made up of three or moresounds if one listen attentively, and thus, getting an overtone. Thisis the reason why the music is not boring, and in this case, it is agood music that entertains one. The use of drums and trumpets hascontributed greatly to the harmonic consistency although there is novoice that is being heard. Drums and trumpets have made the music toattain the overtone, and thus, one is able to notice the more thanthree sounds. To some people, the music can be considered as asubstandard music, since it does not have the voice rather one canonly hear the sound, drums and trumpets.

I have liked the music based on the fact that I am possessed to drumsand trumpets and this is the reason I can understand the sounds thatare produced. Additionally, through the use of the constant rhyme thebeats of the music means something great to the artists. The musicbelongs to the impressionist because it conveyed moods and theemotions but it does not give out tone picture. It also belongs tothe impressionist style due to the painting that has taken placewhere it shows an emotional influence to the music that dates back inthe romantic period of late 19th century.

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