Management and Interpersonal Skill Personal Leadership Vision

Managementand Interpersonal Skill: Personal Leadership Vision


Managementand Interpersonal Skill: Personal Leadership Vision

Leadershiphas become one of the approaches to influence the performance of anorganization. Based on its definition, as the ability for anindividual to influence or inspire other people towards a certaingoal, Leadership has become an inclusive aspect as every personfocuses on becoming an effective leader. This, in turn, explains whythere are different leadership styles, which suits differentindividuals or organizations. Different attributes have beendiscussed as to where leaders come from, and also leadership canpractice by every person. Leadership should be a learning process,that shouldn’t solely depend on an individual’s inborn qualities,as every person can be a leader.


Inthe modern era, becoming successful and effective leaders is acombination of the learned attributes as well as copied aspects fromanother successful leader. In the process of becoming an effectiveleader, different key leaders and people have been of great influenceto my leadership aspects. As a young leader, learning from otherleaders who have succeeded in different organizations becomes oneaspect of acquiring key leadership skills. One of the mostinfluential leaders who have inspired me is my college team coach.Ever since I joined the college basketball team, Coach William wasone inspiring figure in the team management, and during trainingsessions. His key aspects as a leader entail, being energetic, andalso being an effective communicator with his subjects. In additionto being confident with his actions, he always involved his juniorswhenever making decisions. During practice, he always stressed on theessence of teamwork, which was built on the basis of having a commongoal. Finally, he always had a well-planned workout for the team,which enabled every person in the team to keep committed toexcellence and maintenance of high standards.

Inaddition to my college team coach other global leaders have greatlyinfluenced my leadership abilities and inspired me for beingeffective in their roles as leaders. One of the inspiring people inmy leadership aspects is Steve Jobs. His ability to turn around theperformance of the Apple Company was a tremendous achievement. Moreso, looking back to his humble beginning, his driving force wasdetermination, which led him to his heights and achievement as theCEO of one of the major phone companies in the world. Othercharacteristics of Steve Jobs that remains inspirational include hisability to adapt to situations, and also staying focus to his goals.Finally, his innovative abilities elevated him to the topmost levelsof management, and, in turn, his ability to manage his expertise andalso the people working with him yielded more success for him as aleader. Through his massive achievement during his time as thecompany CEO, Steve jobs was an inspiration to me through aspects suchas always be dedicated to your strategic plan. One of the inspiringaspects behind Steve Jobs as a CEO is his ability to align thecompany vision and mission with the strategic plan. This, in turn,inspires me as a leader to always be true to my goals, and in turndevelop ‘SMART’ action plan towards the goals. Finally, throughhis achievement, the leader has inspired me to be innovative, befocused and true to my objective.

Inaddition to Steve Jobs, another inspirational leader is the currentUnited States president President Obama. With his unmatched abilityto communicate effectively, he has managed to navigate throughintense debates that he has participated. More so, he is wellequipped with relevant knowledge of what he is doing. Focused, andalso motivated to attain his goals. Having raised the ladder throughthe United States political arena, he has shown that, dedication anddetermination result in success as a leader. In accordance with hisleadership qualities, president Obama inspired me through beingauthentic. This is the idea of being true to myself and avoidspretending to be who I am not in leadership. On the other hand, beingan effective communicator has also inspired me through thedevelopment of listening skills, which in return contributes to onebeing an effective and respected leader. Finally, through hisqualities as a leader, president Obama has well inspired throughidentification of key qualities that should be possessed by aneffective leader. These entails, being focused, dedicated to one’smain course or goals, which result in success.


Theenergy leadership workshop was an ideal platform due to its richinformation regarding self-easements as a leader and attributes notonly at the personal level but also professionally. In addition, theworkshop was a key in helping one to identify varying barriers andchallenges to becoming an effective or successful leader. There aredifferent recurring challenges towards the development of one to bean effective leader. Regarding the online module provided one of themost recurring barriers to effective leadership doubts on my abilityto achieve the desired goals. This barrier has been a recurringmenace as I always face questions as to whether I have what it takesto achieve the set goals. Coupled with the fear of mistakes and itsusefulness, am always in fear of learning and trying out new things.I fear to make mistakes, which on the other hand has been describedas a key effective learning step for anyone focusing on achieving theclass of an effective leader.

Usingthe energy levels as discussed in the workshop, thoughts and actionsof leaders in each of the level help in identifying the best approachto navigating through the barriers that come along with an effectiveleadership. Looking at the energy levels is currently at Level 2.This due to the fact that, the level is marked with aspects such asresistance, struggles as well as defiance to the barrier. Accordingto my case, the fear of making mistakes and doubting my abilitycauses resistance and struggling towards navigating a change or analready made mistake. Focusing on the re-occurrence of the barrier ata higher level, I would focus on establishing possession of moreself-belief in my plan towards goal achievement. In addition, theoccurrence of mistakes would be taken as an indicator of a chance toredefine the action plan.

Theestablishment of the seven levels of leadership is an ideal approachto maximizing the effective influence as a leader of one’s ability.Having identified me to be at level two, the other levels are equallyinfluential in shaping my leadership qualities. Level one was theinitiation level, and my thinking was focused on avoidance of trying,fear of failing hence being extra cautious with my actions. Moving tolevel three, my thinking will be more developed and adapted to takeresponsibility of actions and emotions. At this level, I will befocused on taking responsibility in order to get things done. Onattaining level four, I will now be focused on connection with otherpeople, as my influence will count to others. Will establish deep andauthentic connections with people around me. Level five will shift mythinking to focus on the finding of silver lining from previouslyfaced challenges in the development process. Finally, there arelevels six and seven which attain adopting them, my thinking developsand shifts towards the establishment of the best abilities as of aneffective leader.


Leadershipdevelopment can be said to be a process that entails learning,self-study as well as personal growth and imitating others. As anindividual, the development of a structured action plan is one steptowards the realization of effective leadership qualities. Personalleadership vision is a plan developed to facilitate an individual’sdevelopment as a leader. “To become and serve as a leader atconnecting workers, exploiting my strengths towards making a decisionand applying ethical principles to make a difference”.

Thepersonal leadership, vision plan is an ideal focus on what exactly Iwant to become as a leader as well as what I focus on achieving andin which principles I focus to achieve the objectives. The visionbeing a personal constitution, and the basis for making key decisionsthat affect my life and becoming an effective leader not only at apersonal level but also within the organization. In order to attainthis plan and become and effective leader, both at work and personallevel, some of the focus or plan to achieve this is throughincreasing trust and learning through the leadership programsprovided. Adapting to different leadership styles, and adapting tomanage conflict effectively. In addition, the plan is to focus on theachievement of goals and trying to emulate leaders, and behaviors ofmy most influential leaders. The personal vision will enable to gainrelevant experience, and maintain openness to develop more to be amore effective leader. In order to develop my leadership the planentails focusing on the positives, to be direct, always to focus onmy own motivation, and finally to always seek for feedback from mycolleagues and people around in order to evaluate my effectiveness asa leader.

Inconclusion, every person is an influence in one way or another and inturn can become an effective leader. Developing an effectiveleadership is a process that entails a combination of personalabilities with learned or acquired skills bringing out the attributesof leadership. Leaders are lifelong learners while leading itself isa lifelong action. It is, in turn, true, the essence of being aleader entails more than just a gift, but a learning process.Identified through the identified learning process, it’s clear thatevery person through the right learning challenges can enhancehis/her leadership skills and become an effective leader.

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