Marketing Plan


Coffeeglobal is the name of my company and will be mainly focused inoffering coffee and other related products. Apart from coffee, thecompany will be offering products such as fresh juice, hot and colddrinks, beverages and snacks among others. Pre-packaged foods likesandwiches and drinks will also be provided by the company.Generally, the company tends to be a global provider of such foods inaccordance to the cultures of the various countries. The company’slocation is in the state of Iowa in the southern parts of the state.This will be the main location with the company aiming to traverseacross the other states and other countries as well.Apartfrom providing the products, services such as home delivery will beprovided. Special occasions such as Christmas and New Year’s Evewill be occasioned by special events. Valentine’s Day will also beoccasioned through special events served with special delicacies. Thecompany aims to traverse through several countries hence need forflexibility across the diverse cultures.


Thiskind of business venture is quite competitive owing to the differentlevels of preferences from the customers. It is almostimpossible to satisfy each and every customer according to theirpreferences. For instance, a customer may be preferring coffee madein a certain way that is provided by a competitor. Appeasing all ofthem is an intricate issue. One of the major competitor is Starbuckwhich is a global brand due to its coverage area. With the companyoffering almost all products in various tastes across severalcountries, competing with them will be one of the most complex thing.Additionally, traversing across states let alone countries will be ahard task. Competition across the states as well as countries willtend to vary.

Thiskind of business also faces economic challenges. Some citizens mayview the products offered as luxuries due to the global financialconstraints. In that respect, the company may get a good number ofcustomers during special occasions. However, due to the range offoods offered by the company, perceptions of the products beingluxurious will be outlived. The company intends to provide goods andservices at friendly costs. Once a customer gets value for his/hercash, complaints rarely occur [ CITATION Ste09 l 1033 ].

Withthe global growth in technology, it is vital to keep up so as to makeenough profits. Technology is an important tool to necessitatenetworking. For instance, setting up websites, applications amongother technological tools for advertising. As many studies haveaffirmed, people spend more time in social cites. A good example isFacebook, the number of active members in Facebook is continuouslyincreasing. In that respect, business people use this platform toadvertise their products by creating pages. Coffee global will alsoutilize this platform to grow its network across the states andcountries as well [ CITATION Dye15 l 1033 ].

Politicsis one crucial aspect in any company’s survival. It is a sensitivearea with regards to the company’s operations. Political views willbe handled in such a way that it does not interfere with thecustomers. Politics in many instances can be inclusive in thesociocultural forces. It is the way people view and live life.Attitudes towards coffee and other provisions is quite positiveacross the U.S. especially during winter. Coffee global will look totap this advantage and expand considerably.


Theprimary target is within the state of Iowa. The range of products andservices will be affordable to all individuals willing to purchasethem. Companies venturing in this field tend to favor wealthyindividuals i.e. products and services offered tend to be suited forthe wealthy or rather are relatively expensive. However, coffeeglobal will target all the classes i.e. middle-class, lower-class andwealthy individuals.

Inaccordance to the situational analysis, the current enormouscompetitor happens to be Starbucks. The company started during the1970s and is well known globally owing to its large market size. Italso provides a wide range of products in several countries. Coffeeconsumers characteristics tend to differ across the countries. Acommon trend in this industry entails people wanting to try outdifferent things. For instance, establishing a new coffee cafe maydraw many people in the earlier stages. The company then will bank onthat to ensure once customers have a taste of the products, they stayloyal to it. With the aim of being global, the company will have tocollaborate with likeminded companies to establish. Starbucks can bea collaborator in countries which it has not traversed. Segmentation,targeting and positioning is another important aspect to consider.The company kick start its operations from Iowa i.e. headquarterswith a target of venturing into different states in a year’s time[ CITATION Gee10 l 1033 ].

Goalsand Objectives

Shortterm objectives

  • To be the major café within Iowa

  • To bridge the gap between the rich and the poor by providing affordable products and services

Longterm objectives

  • To venture into charity works to assist the needy

  • To be a global brand


Thebest way to determine the growth or rather development of thiscompany is the rates of sales. With daily sales made across thedifferent locations, it will be easier to know the progress. Customerengagement is also another measurement tool. With a running website,it will be easier to monitor the number of sales made on a dailybasis. If the range of profits made are substantial, then itsignifies growth of the company. Additionally, the range of purchasesmade will also outline the growth levels. For instance, if theproducts are purchased by all categories of earners i.e. middle, lowand high class residents, then the objective of bridging the gap willbe attained [ CITATION Wes14 l 1033 ].



Onemajor strength of this company is the ability to provide a variety ofproducts. Depending on customer preferences, the company will ensuremost of them are catered for. That is, hot and cold drinks, heaviermeals among others will be provided to the benefit of the citizens.

Availableadvertising platforms is another strength. Advertising platforms suchas Facebook are quite advantageous for upcoming companies. Socialmedia has become a major advertising point due to the number ofpeople using the same. Therefore, coffee global has an existingplatform to conduct advertisements.

Thisbusiness is also quite flexible. Depending on the level of purchasesdaily, adjustments can be made to minimize losses. Additionally, anybusiness that entails food has high chances of succeeding. This isbecause, people will always feel hungry and hence if customers areserved properly, one will always make sales.

Abilityto attract a considerable amount of customers during inception is amajor strength one can utilize. As earlier indicated, people liketrying out new places. Coffee global will take advantage of thisfacet to maintain a substantial customer range.


Availabilityof raw materials such as coffee beans is a major challenge. Countriesproducing coffee are not many in relation to the consumption levels.In that respect, the company will have a hard time in purchasingcoffee at favorable prices.

Capitalto start-up and compete with existing companies is a major issue. Toestablish and compete with already established companies is quiteintricate.

Establishinga proper organizational structure is also a weak point. With the goalof venturing into new avenues oversees, coming up with a workingorganizational structure is also a weak point.


Inthe food industry, there is always an opportunity to diversify theproducts to suit different customers.

Theneed to have affordable products to suit all kinds of earners is agood opportunity for coffee global. By bridging the gap, the customersize will be quite wide.

Thoughcompanies such as Starbucks have ventured in various countries, thereis still room in several especially Africa. By venturing intountapped countries, the company may realize substantial growth.

Withthe long-term aim being charity, venturing in needy countries will bea major technique. Therefore, success in a particular country willmean enough will be garnered to give out for charity as a way ofappreciating the customers.


Starbuckis a major threat in the establishment of this company. Starbucks isa global brand with quite a wide range of products and servicestraversing across numerous countries. Competing with such a companyin itself is a major threat.

Withthe utilization of social media to conduct advertisements, securityconcerns are quite probable. Hackers may personify the company andcause it harm. Case of hacking have been on the rise and are mostlydetrimental to the companies.


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