New Rules and Regulations Affecting the Practice of Public Health in


NewRules and Regulations Affecting the Practice of Public Health inVermont

Anarticle released by the Burlington Free Press on 5thJanuary 2016 announces new laws aimed at addressing the issue ofopioid addiction among the residents of Vermont. The new rules andregulations were announced in a press statement, the DeputyCommissioner for Alcohol and drug abuse programs in the Department ofHealth in Vermont, Barbara Cimaglio. Vermont’s health commissioner,Harry Chen said that the state’s legislators should focus onprescription opioid regulation, education, and continued drugaddiction treatment in this year as a strategy to counter the problemof drug addiction among the Vermonters. The founder of the new rulesand regulation is Harry Chen, the commissioner for Health in Vermont.As reported by Murray,the new focus represents continued efforts to regulate the legal useof all opioid-related interventions. The first person to come up withsuch a proposal was the Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin in 2014 in aState address, which was aimed at dealing with the drug abuseproblems in the state(Seelye, 2014).

Thenew law is expected to impact the practice of public health inVermont in several ways. All substance subscribers are required bythe new rules to index with the Vermont Prescription MonitoringSystem and check the system before writing the prescription. EveryPhysician is also expected to conduct and record a risk assessment,consider non-opioid treatments and follow up with the patients tomonitor their recovery progress (Murray, 2016). The main reasons forthis new change is to cut down opioid-related addiction resultingfrom legal treatment interventions. Vermont’s health commissioner,Chen, believes that if the legal use of opioids can be restricted andregulated, the state can benefit in term of reducing the number ofVermonters addicted to this particular drug.


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