Political Process in Nursing


Political Process in Nursing

PoliticalProcess in Nursing

Question1: The way an average nurse can be involved in the political process

Averagenurses can get involved and make diversity in the process of politicsin different ways. Nurses can impact their profession through beingkeen on the legislation introduced in the healthcare system andcontacting the representatives elected to air their opinion. This hasbeen made efficient and convenient through the technology by using E-Mail and The Internet. The other way to be part of the politicalprocess is through the nurses engaging in membership in theprofessional organizations since there is the victory in numbers(Zimmermann, 2002).

Tobecome politically active as a nurse, I should consider undertakingthe following measures vote for those people who can support enoughhealthcare funding and our job security and also encourage others tovote, participate actively in my nursing association, email or callthe elected representatives on matters that concerns the profession,join a demonstration and discuss political process in nursing withcoworkers and encourage them to be as well involved.

Question2: Meaning of being a change agent

Beinga change agent means working with an organization in helping ittransform itself through paying attention to matters likeorganizational development, effectiveness, and improvement. Thechange agent, therefore, focuses on the impact of changing tasks,structure and technologies on the group and interpersonal relationsin an organization (Zimmermann, 2002). Two ways I was a change agentwere first, when I advocated for our patients in a political event,and this raised the issue from a one setting to a societal level.Second, when I represented the nursing profession interests to theeditor and this helped advance and improve our profession value.


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