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Everyhuman desire improvement in their life and consider development as anachievement in their lives. Development and improvement in a person’slife is influenced much by strengths and weaknesses the person has.The strengths of an individual are boost in anything they involvethemselves while weaknesses are setbacks and delays success(Atkinson, K., &amp Wells, C. 2000). Knowing your strength andweaknesses early enough in important as you will be able to how bestyou need to behave and act to achieve the best. Furthermore, careerchoices and professions is also influenced by the weaknesses andstrengths an individual (Anderson, N. 2001). This paper focuses onLeonardo DiCaprio who is an American actor, film producer andenvironmental activist. Leonardo was born in 1974 and was raised byhis divorced mother in Los Angeles’s poorest, drug infested andcrime areas. He started his acting career at early age and is now oneof the most successful Hollywood actors.

Thelife of DiCaprio is an example of how people can succeed in lifedespite what comes your way. This remarkable actor was destined tomake it in the acting career given that by the age of five, he wasalready featuring in television commercials and education programs.He also featured in the children television series ‘Romper Room`but, unfortunately, was removed due to his disruptive characters atthe age of five. He did not allow his elimination be a source offailure but took it a new challenge. A challenge to venture intosomething new i.e. the disruptive character was a source of power tohim. We never know and ought not to regret on what has alreadyhappened but forge our way toward our destiny like Leonardo DiCapriodid (Yu,Zhou, Zhang, Chin, Wang &amp Men, 12).

Throughhis acting career which he started over 20 years ago, Leonardo hasattained him an extraordinary professional and financial success. Hisfirst film role as an actor was in the comic sci-fi horror filmCritters3.This was among his achievements as he attended various auditions withhis mother who gave him the chance and support. ThisBoy’s Lifewas his breakthrough as an actor in 1992 out of 400 young actorsRobert De Niro chose him to star in the film. The turning point ofDiCaprio’s acting career was in 1997 when he had a leading role inthe famous romantic film that everyone never gets enough of watching,&quotTitanic&quot. Titanic set a world record for the highest grossfilming in history until Avatar surpassed it in 2010.

LeonardoDiCaprio in the Titanic film

DiCaprioattained international heartthrob status through this film playingthe handsome and heroic Jack Dowson in the film. After the ‘Titanic`spree, DiCaprio has featured in several films in both leading andsupporting roles. However, many of his movies have received variedcriticism e.g. Titanic and ‘Wolf of The Wall Street` which wasreleased in 2013. With the various awards and Academy nomination,DiCaprio has been a successful film actor. His acting career has beenexemplary as compared to production which has only received oneAcademy nomination compared to five for his acting recognition(Cameron,Landau, DiCaprio, Winslet, Zane, Bates &amp Garber, 1997 film).

Determinedand working hard, DiCaprio landed a role in the show including‘Roseane’ and ‘The New Lassie” he started to gain recognitionat the young age and was nominated for young artist award for hisrole in the soap opera and Parenthood. Despite his disruptive antics,DiCaprio had some inner potential. That should act as a source ofencouragement for those who wish to venture in the acting career. Venturing in acing at an early age enabled him learn more andestablished himself well in the career. Specialization in the area ofyour interest should be early enough since adapting with factors inthe career and identifying weaknesses takes time. Being eliminatedfrom the children series may have discouraged him but instead actedas a source of motivation. No, we cannot. Instead, it should berealized that weakness is inevitable and so cannot stand in our wayof success. We should not oblige to any hurdle present itself in ourway (Oliver,45).

Identifyingour failures and weaknesses is a leading problem. In case DiCaprionever knew about his disruptive antics at the early age, he could nothave attained the achievements he has. On realization and acceptanceof his condition, DiCaprio then ventured on the available opportunityknowing well what he wanted to become. An actor, Critters 3 was hisdebut film and it seems his ability was recognized because he becamea regular in the ABC television series ‘Growing Pains.` In 1992,DiCaprio earned a leading role in the film ‘This Boy`s Life`. Thatis what identifying and tapping into opportunities can lead a personto. DiCaprio was now living his dream of becoming an actor before theage of twenty-five. He never stopped but continued in the actingcareer.

OnceDiCaprio got a leading role, he was called to star in many otherfilms. With continued growth in fame and commanding respect, JamesCameron approached DiCaprio and offered him to become the leadingcharacter in the film Titanic. At first, he was humbled and wasreluctant to take up the role because he never believed in himself.The director, however, encouraged him citing how he believed in theyoung DiCaprio`s acting potential. The movie would become the highestgross earning at the time a record it held until Avatar surpassed itin 2010. Sometimes we may never know our potential, and it is otherswho encourage us to try things. DiCaprio perhaps saw it as somethingbeyond his ability but at the end could not believe he was the personbehind the highest earning film in the world (Svensson,23).

Havinggained extraordinary fame and success brought a new challenge improveto remain relevant among the fanatics. Consistency and persistence inthe game are what held DiCaprio. From that point, many film directorswould be willing to feature him in their movies to make the sales.The Titanic experience is so memorable, and DiCaprio was fascinatedby the fame he received. In his opinion, DiCaprio saw Titanic as hispeak to career. DiCaprio has featured in many other films from thatmoment, but none can be compared with the reception Titanic received.The most notable movie since that time is the 2013 release ‘Wolf ofThe Wall Street` acting like a fraud, and drug addict earns the moviea significant reception.

Leonardois clearly devoted to his acting career through which he has gainedsuccess and worldwide celebrity. Besides acting career Leonardo is ahumanitarian and environmental activist. He is compelled to useglobal celebrity and the substantial personal fortune his actingcareer has brought him to involve in various humanitarian andenvironmental causes. In his position, DiCaprio has the opportunityto make a difference not only for human beings but for all livingthings. Since all resources both living and non-living support humanlife, conserving them and ensuring that their use does not interferewith other environmental processes is important. DiCaprio iscommitted himself to promote green energy and sustainability,awareness of causes and effects of global warming, and protection ofendangered animal species. He created his own nonprofit environmentalfoundation, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which has funded,coproduced and narrated several environmental documentaries andfunded environmental initiatives such as the Save Tigers Now campaignlaunched in 2010 (Slavicek, L. C. 2012).


Discoveringpersonal abilities and strengths are among the key factors to successprofessionally and personal development. The discovery should be doneearly enough to enable individuals know how to apply them in theirarea of interest. Exposure is also an important factor that oneshould consider DiCaprio’s mother took him to auditions while hewas very young. Timeliness enables one to discover gaps andopportunities that he/she can effectively utilize. Besides knowingyour strengths and abilities, you should identify your weaknessesthat may prevent you from using your abilities and strengthseffectively. DiCaprio identified his weakness to be disruptivecharacter. He could be able to manage it and prevent it fromachieving his dreams.


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