Reflection on the Experience of the African Americans in the USA

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Reflectionon the Experience of the African Americans in the USA

Arecent abc news article by Faulders (2015) on Ben Carson`s new Rapaimed at African-American voters can be beneficial in analyzing keytopics learnt in class. The first black individuals that arrived inthe United States were indentured servants rather than slaves (Janik&amp Hana 6). However, slave trade took a center stage in the UnitedStates with the African Americans being the oppressed individuals andregarded as the minority group. The greatest battle of the Africansworking as slaves in the New World was to attain freedom and rightssuch as the voting rights. This paper examines how the abc newsarticle assists in understanding the topics learnt in class.

Itcan be stated that the article provides an insight on thesignificance of the freedom and rights that the African Americanscurrently enjoy. Despite the class level or age, African Americanstoday enjoy equal freedoms and rights. This is unlike in previousyears. The initial quest for freedom resulted in the “civil rightsmovement” that only turned out to favor the bourgeoisies since theyhad substantial concern for public accommodation (Hamilton &ampKwame 2). On the other hand, the African Americans that formed themasses of the movement did not realize any potential benefits fromthe movement. The inability of the “movement” to address theliberation needs of the African Americans emanated from the fact thatthe “masses” neither had good houses nor decent jobs. They didnot have the money to have interest in public accommodation. Eventhough the Constitution of the United States of America permittedsuch movements that campaigned for human rights, the movementresulted in the jailing, beating, murder and intimidation of theAfrican Americans.


Aninteresting aspect about the article is the appeal by Carson foryoung black people to fight for their freedom because freedom is notfree and that they must fight for it each day. (Faulders, 2015). Inreal sense it can be stated that Carson’s appeal is actually quiteunrealistic. This is because black people have been free for a longperiod of time. It is this freedom that gave the right to vote andeven have the first black president. The 15thamendment gave men the right to vote regardless of their race,religion, national origin or past servitude conditions. During thereconstruction phase that lasted between 1865 and 1878, all Blackshad the right to vote despite the counter-revolution and muchresistance and turmoil exhibited by the Whites in response to the15thamendment. The Civil Rights Era that lasted between 1954 and 1969 sawthe banning of segregation and increased publicity among the Blacks(Janik &amp Hana 45). The rise of Martin Luther King between 1955and 1956 yielded nation-wide publicity of the Blacks. The 1960switnessed the advancement of the civil rights despite continuedresistance from the Whites. The Black Movement that started from 1970incorporated black political organizations into the Americanpolitical system.

Also, what is evident from the article is that the issue of race isnot a subject if the past. This is because just like in thehistorical era, race was a key concept that took center stage inmajor aspects of the American society. Today althoughthe UnitedStates has managed to subdue racial segregation, nevertheless theissue of race cannot be eliminated in many agenda’s for instance inthe political arena. This explains why Carson is appealing for youngblack votes through rapping.


It can be stated that the history of the black people cannot beerased and still has an impact on what happens in the future.Thispaper identified the fact that the issue of race and freedom is stillan issue that black people continue to deal with even in the presentday. However, it is important to take note of the fact that indeedblack people have more freedoms than it was in the past.


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