Response on Mary Curran’s Never Give Up


Name of Student

This is a story about a father who was advising his 5 year olddaughter. He told her that she should never give up no matter how thesituation becomes. He goes ahead and tells her that the consequencesof giving up may be devastating. He advised her to hold strong andnever tire of trying. Seventeen years later, the writer got pregnantand the father of the unborn child was not willing to take anyresponsibilities. She calls her dad for help despite having failedhim. The dad never gave up on her and through his support, she learnsto move on and bring up her daughter. This makes her decide never togive up.

From this story, it is clear that we should never give up in life, nomatter the challenges we meet in life. It is also important to listenand follow the advice given to us. We need to persevere and keeptrying when everything seems hard.

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