Response to Multidisciplinary Contribution


Responseto Multidisciplinary Contribution

Responseto Multidisciplinary Contribution

Multidisciplinaryapproach is one of the critical factors that contribute to successfuldelivery of social and health services in outpatient setting. As asocial worker, coordinating care plan and service delivery requireswide consultation from the medical team as well as service consumers.The role of medical team is to deliver healthcare service accordingto the diagnosis and any other information provided by the socialworker (Thompson,2015).In this case, the social worker engages the patient in order to getadequate information about the health condition and other elementsthat may assist in improving the patient experience and outcome.Social worker is the central figure who guides the entire team on howto design and approach the care program. The professional also guidesthe patient on various elements of the care process. In other words,social worker is the main link between the service consumers and thehealthcare team in a multidisciplinary environment.

Inlight of the above scenario, social worker has a demanding role in amultidisciplinary work setting. Other health workers rely on theexpertise of social worker in community service to deliver care. Inthe case of the patient with conditions such as diabetes, socialworker is in the best position to get the detailed information on thepatient’s lifestyle and other aspects (Thompson,2015).Note that the doctor needs this information in order to know theappropriate treatment and medication. In addition, the conditionneeds patient’s participation, especially in self care at home. Therole of social worker in this case is to guide patients on how tomanage the condition according to the doctor’s recommendation. Thesocial worker is therefore an integral part of the medical team andplays a crucial role in determining patient outcome.


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