Service Management HB 105

ServiceManagement: HB 105

ServiceEvent Observation Evaluation (25 points/each)

Nameof Business/Organization: GourmetVillage(4790Hagadorn Rd #102, East Lansing, MI )

Time/Dateof Visit: ___31stJanuary 2016_

  1. What was the customer’s (yourself and your company) reason for visiting the business?

Thecustomer’s reason to visit the GourmetVillagerestaurant which is located 4790Hagadorn Rd #102, East Lansing, MI wasmainly to have dinner.

  1. Was the customer acknowledged in a professional, business-like manner? Describe in detail how the customer (yourself and your company) was acknowledged.

Yes.The staffs at the restaurant are very professional. They acknowledgedus in a manner that is very appealing professionally. First of all,when we entered into the restaurant, before I called for a waiter,someone was already attending to us. We were warmly welcomed andasked to feel at home. Since we were 10, the staff immediatelyorganized a table where we could sit all of us. He was very humbleand treated me as if I was the only important thing in his life. Heeven demonstrated his professionalism in the way he served thedinner.

  1. Describe the service event you are documenting, in detail:

  1. Who was involved?

Theevent was to have a dinner with our colleagues to mark the end of theyear. People that were involved were the employees at Mark &amp Mikecomputer technology Limited. They are 10 in number including themanager. Others involved in the event were the staffs at GourmetVillagerestaurant. We were handled by three staffs of the restaurant.

  1. What did the customer (yourself and your company) do?

Ascustomers at the event, our role was to book the place and give theorder of what we would do at the dinner. We had to ensure we havemoney enough to cater for everything. This money came from the docketof the company. Everyone was to be present and participate in theevent through airing their views and of course eating and interactingwith each other was a main agenda.

  1. What did the service staff do?

Theservice staff was to ensure our table is well arranged and that weare served accordingly.

  1. What was the manager’s reaction or role (if applicable)?

Themanager of the restaurant was always observing the way we were beingserved. There is a moment when the waiters delayed a bit, the managercould pass by us and asked if we had been served. Immediately, wewere served. After the dinner, he came over and thanked us andwelcomed us again. He even offered to give us a discount when we comenext time.

  1. Rate the overall service experience

A (Excellent). The service was excellent


C (Neutral)


E (Terrible)

  1. If you were the employee or manager in this event, what service barrier or opportunities did you observe, and what would your action plan to solve/suggest to the organization? (Write at least two things)

  1. First of all, I noticed that the waiters are quick to listen and ready to serve. This is an opportunity for the restaurant since the customer will feel valued. An action plan to this will be to motivate the staffs more even by raising their wages.

b.A barrier that I noticed was that the dining tables were arrangedpoorly. As a manager, the action to deter this will be to recruit anexpert or take my staff to a workshop to be trained on it.

  1. What are the customer-focused attributes of this business/organization?

  1. Positive (Describe in detail.)

Beingattentive to the needs of the customer: The workers at the restaurantwere very attentive to our needs and were willing to attend to themthe best way ever.

  1. Negative (Describe in detail)

Senseof humor: Customer service is good when you add some humor in it.This is a negative for the employees at the restaurant since theyappeared to be hard to make humor. At least making us laugh a bit.

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