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HumanResource Policy Manual

HumanResource Policy Manual Acknowledgment and Receipt

Thispolicy manual is given as a central reference for all employees,supervisors, and managers and it applies to all staff members where carries out its work. I understand that Iwill be required to refer to human resource concerning any questionsthat is not answered in the policy manual.

Theparticular policies that are in this manual promote the philosophy of with regard to terms of employment employeeservices standards of excellence and employee development.

Iunderstand that it may be necessary to make changes to these policieswhen needed to reflect changes in employment trends, workforce,economic conditions, and the United States legislation. Any changesmade in this policy manual will be consistent with the SoftwareSolutions approach to:

  • Employing individuals who are talented with imagination and creativity that contributes and supports efforts needed to achieve Software Solutions Ltd.’s business objectives and goals

  • Cherishing diversity and promoting equal opportunities in employment and foster a workplace environment where relationships are based on mutual respect

  • Communicating ’s expectations and standards in every aspect of employment that includes performance

  • Providing competitive conditions and terms in the workplace

  • Providing effective and safe working conditions, and

  • Treating all workers, staff, customers, and contractors in a non-discriminatory and professional manner.

Iunderstand that any changes in policies will be fully consulted onand communicated to every staff member through Software SolutionsLtd.’s communication channels.

Ihave received this policy manual, and I agree and understand that itis my personal responsibility to read and adhere with the policies inthis manual and any revisions that will be made in the future.




UnderstandingClassification of Employees

At, the employees are classified as eitherregular or temporary.

  • Regular employee: this is an employee who is not on a temporary basis and who works regularly in the company. This employee is eligible for full benefits packages subject to the terms and conditions of available benefits programs, such as medical and dental insurance and health care benefits for the disabled employees.

  • Temporary employee: this is an employee who is hired as a temporary replacement to assist in the completion of particular tasks in the company. This employee is not eligible for full benefits package and in the case there are any benefits to offer, human resource department will choose from a specific pool of benefits.

Note:Temporary employees are not eligible for benefits unless statedotherwise in the policy or according to an agreement made by humanresource department.

Dentaland Medical Insurance

Asexplained above, regular employees are eligible for full benefitspackages at Regular employees will enjoy thefollowing benefits:

  • They will be offered regular dental and medical insurance after they have been working with the company for exactly 30 days from the time of employment.

  • They will have up to 10 days after completing the waiting time of 30 days to make dental and medical plans for the year, in particular, choosing an insurance agency. Once the plans have been finalized, changes can be made midyear in order to accommodate for any unforeseen circumstances.

  • Kindly contact the human resource department if you have any questions concerning coming up with a dental and medical plan. This will ensure awareness of the dental and medical insurance options available are well-known before choosing an insurance agency.


SoftwareSolutions Ltd. realizes that disability is part of life. Therefore,the company is offering a short-term benefit. The short-termdisability plan provides a small pay for employees who are not ableto work because of disability, injury or illness that is not relatedto work, such as flu or injury from playing football. A letter from aphysician will be needed before authorizing payment.

Note: prides itself in removing stumbling blocksfrom employees with disability as per the Christian Bible verse,Leviticus 19:14 “Do not curse the deaf or put a stumbling block infront of the blind, but fear your God. I am the Lord”.


InternetUse and Electronic Communication

Thefollowing guidelines have been provided for using company-providedphones, e-mail, and Internet in a professional, ethical andappropriate way:

  • Internet, company-provided equipment, such as laptops, computers, and cellphones may not be used for sending, storing or retrieving any communication of harassing, discriminatory or defamatory nature.

  • Employees may not modify, retrieve, forward or copy copyrighted materials, unless with permission from management.

  • Employees should not open suspicious downloads, e-mails or pop-ups. Contact IT department in case there are suspicions to reduce the chances of releasing a virus.

Note:Illegal or inappropriate use of ’scommunication will be subjected to termination of employment ordisciplinary action.

SocialMedia: Acceptable Use

Socialmedia can be used in the following way:

  • Maintain the confidentially of trade secrets and confidential information. Confidential information may include personal information, such as social security number. Trade secrets may include information, such as software development processes and technology.

  • Express only your individual beliefs. Do not represent yourself as Software Solutions Ltd. spokesperson. In case is the subject of the content, be open and precise that your beliefs do not represent those of

Note:violation of policies will be subjected to termination of employmentor disciplinary action.

Distributions,Solicitations, and Posting of Materials

SoftwareSolutions Ltd. forbids the distribution, solicitation and posting ofmaterials using the Internet at the property of the company by anynon-employee and employee unless permitted by management. SoftwareSolutions Ltd. will allow an exception to this policy on the groundsof charity and community services related to the company services andproducts.


  • Employees are not allowed to solicit other employees in the course of working hours, except in association with a company sponsored and approved activities.

  • Employees are not allowed to distribute any literature in the course of working hours, except in association with a company sponsored and approved activities.

  • Posting of electronic materials is permitted with approval from management.

Note:Any employee who violates this policy should be reported to humanresources for disciplinary action.

EmployeePersonnel Files

Thefollowing guidelines have been provided by toprovide guidance on accessing employee’s personnel files.

  • Electronic files of employees are stored and maintained by the IT department and are confidential. Supervisors and managers may have access to files of employees with permission from management.

  • Employees’ personnel files will be accessed by former and current employees with permission from management for only four days unless the state law says otherwise.

  • State or law enforcement agencies may be allowed to access personal information.

Note:The state may subject the company to provide employees’ personnelfiles.


Groomingand Attire

Itis essential for all employees of to projecta professional image to fellow employees and clients by being attiredappropriately. The employees are expected to be clean, well groomed,and neat on the job in addition to following the standards of abusiness environment and wearing clothes that cover shoulders andknee i.e. no see-through and sleeveless clothing.

SoftwareSolutions Ltd. is confident that employees will utilize theirjudgment with regard to appearance and attire. Management holds theright to choose what is appropriate and what is not. Employees whoare not dressed properly will be counseled or sent home in severecases. Any employee who does not take this policy seriously will besubjected to disciplinary action that may result in termination ofemployment.


HarassmentPolicy and Complaint Procedure

Thefollowing guidelines have been provided by toexplain harassment and how employees may launch a complaint tomanagement.

  • Software Solutions Ltd. will provide and maintain a working environment that is safe where all employees are treated with respect and fairly. Employees dealing or working with the company must, therefore, not be exposed to harassment on the basis of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, color, gender, disability, religion, marital status, or other personal traits.

  • Employees carry personal responsibility for their behavior and ensuring that their conduct is in line with the policy set in this manual. Furthermore, every employee has a responsibility to report instances of harassment when they witness them.

  • Harassment may be defined as any behavior that is not wanted by a recipient and is considered offensive resulting in humiliation and distress.

  • Harassment may be a repetitive or isolated occurrence. Harassment may be: physical contact that involves touching, gesturing, and aggressive behavior verbal that involves offensive language, malicious jokes, unwelcome propositions, remarks, and suggestions and non-verbal that involves offensive graffiti and pictures.


  • Employees who believe an act of harassment has been committed against them or who have witnessed such a conduct should voice their concerns with the human resource office.

  • When possible encourages employees who consider themselves harassed to immediately advise the offender to discontinue such harassment. This action may resolve the harassment problem. However, recognizes that an employee may prefer to take the matter through the procedures of complaint.

  • Reported claims of harassment will be investigated by human resources immediately. The investigation will include interviews with involved parties and where possible, with employees who may have seen the alleged harassment.

  • The human resource management department from the investigation will make their final decision.

  • Retaliation against an employee who reports harassment will lead to a violation of this policy and the harasser will be exposed to disciplinary actions.

Note:Malicious and false complaints of harassment will be exposed todisciplinary action.

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