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Organizinga speech

Theprocess of delivering a speech or presenting can be daunting towardsanyone especially where the speaker lacks experience. Giving apresentation to an audience could also be an awesome experience forspeakers who are willing to go an extra mile to craft masterpiecesthat are rhetorical enough and ones that can capture the attention ofthe audience.

Preparingwell before making a presentation is mandatory when one wants todeliver a perfect speech. The process of preparation involves,selection of a particular topic and making a decision on what thepurpose of the speech should be. After deciding the topic and purposeof the speech, preparation of a thesis statement can follow. Afterthat, selection of the main points of the speech is done by thespeakers, and the way the speech is organized should clarify theperspective of the speaker, his agenda of research or give a solutionto a particular problem. In a nutshell, for a speech to be consideredeffective, it puts its focus on special topics and are comprised ofsome main point that shows relevance to the topic and audience. Toachieve this, outlining and organization are compulsory before apresentation.


Onthe best-seller`s section, for the products found on &quotAs Seen onTV,&quot Miss Belt Adjustable Waist Trimmer is presented among otherproducts. This particular belt has been modified by SBELTEX Fabricsto give the wearer an hourglass shape at that instant, and it goesfor $19.95 (Cooke,et al. 2001).Presentation of this belt has been organized in such a way that, itprovides an order that is logical enough and easy to follow through.In the presentation, there is a clearly established timeline. Thismeans that all the points necessary for making the presentation asuccess follow a chronological order that allows the audience tounderstand easily what this belt is all about by following a lineartimeline.

Thethesis statement in this presentation captures all the main pointsabout this adjustable belt and gives the audience a quick preview ofwhat to expect from the presentation. The statement is easilyidentifiable from the speech. It goes ahead to give the functions ofthe belt which are concise and to the point. They all point to thefinal idea of an instant hourglass shape. They include, making thewaist appear smaller, tucking the belly, providing support to theback, and making one have a great shape in a comfortable way.

Amongthe highlights of the speech, the presentation offers a list ofactivities that the belt can be worn for. That includes while at workor at home, when relaxing or at the gym, biking or jogging. Thisadjustable belt can be worn during any activity whether involving ornot. Its comfort in all those activities is assured.

Theorganization of the presentation was a successful one because itconvinces the audience into purchasing the belt. The craftiness ofideas captures interested minds since belly fat is a problem amongmany people. It has well-developed ideas that are clearly organizedto suit the interests of the audience.

WhatI would change about the presentation is the fact that thepresentation is limited to ladies yet bellies affect even men. Iwould provide images of both women and men tucking their tummies inthe belt so that both genders learn to use the product to trim theirtummies.


Cooke,M., &amp Ellis, D. P. (2001). The auditory organization of speechand other sources in listeners and computational models. Speechcommunication,35(3),141-177.

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