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LosAngeles City

LosAngeles, which is more often known by its initials L.A., is anextensive city of Southern California State. This city is deemed tobe the most populous megalopolis area in the world and comes secondin terms of the size to New York City in the United States ofAmerica. Further, it is the most densely inhabited city of CaliforniaState with tribal and cultural diversity as well as extensivemegalopolis. This city has a way of captivating one’s imaginationthat whenever you hear about it, you are left with no option but towant to habituate and live in it. The climate for this great city isthat of Mediterranean, and it rests in an outsized coastal basinwhich is encircled by three very tall mountains. Los Angeles is aglobal city that is bisected into more than eighty districts as wellas neighborhood.

Moreover,Los Angeles is an international city that possesses a varied economyin quite a number of fields, such as entertainment industry, media,culture, science and technology as well as fashion and among others.This very attractive city is renowned to be one of the top most hubsof the state’s film as well as television industry. It leads theglobe in the production as well as creation of movies. Los Angeles(L.A.) is strategically situated near the iconic sign of Hollywood,as well as quite a number of studios such as Warner Brothers,Paramount Pictures as well as Universal, which tender variousactivities including expeditions of behind-the-scenes. This greatcity has quite a number of eye-catching avenues and among them is aboulevard named as Hollywood Avenue, which is a main attraction forall the categories of artistic industry, and most especially for theChinese people. This is so because there is an auditorium on thisavenue known as TCL Chinese Theater that displays superstars’hand-and-footprints, the Walk of Fame which honors very manycelebrities and superstars, and merchants vend drawings tocelebrities’ homes. Besides, Los Angeles city is home to prominentinstitutions that cover a wider range of specialized as well ascultural areas. It is known to be one of the most extensive economicengines within the United States of America.

Ihave always wanted to live in one of the states of the United Statesof America. Call it a childhood dream or perhaps, a dream that I nowwant to see come true. Of these states or cities, I would want tolive in Los Angeles city due to its expansive as well asaccommodating environ, which makes one be able to realize theirdreams. Besides my education and professionalism, I have a specialinterest of becoming a renowned musician. Los Angelescity gives me achance to expand myself in terms of my profession as well asinterests and talents. With all the aforementioned characteristicsand features of this great city, I would be able to venture into mydream of becoming a musician and even venture into film production.These, among many other reasons such as its beauty and coastalsituations, make me to want to live in Los Angeles city. Being aninternational student from China, and studying at Michigan StateUniversity in the United States of America, there could not be morebeautiful and attractive city for me to want to live in besides LosAngeles.

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