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WhoMoved My Cheese

‘Whomoved my cheese?` Is a book written by Dr. Spencer Johnson. Thecheese is used metaphorically to symbolize what one would want inlife. What we imagine will make us happy is known as cheese in thiscontext. Circumstances have a tendency to take away our cheese, andthere are different ways in which different people take up thechallenge of change. The book describes four characters who act asrepresentatives of parts of who we are when change confronts us.

Oneof the biggest changes I encountered in my life was the loss of amom. Growing up, I was an active teenager who did everything I couldto make my parents proud. Because of this, I was closer to my momthan anyone else in the family ever was. I talked to her about myfears and achievements. My mother was supportive in every possibleaspect. She was always there for me, and there was no point in timethat I ever imagined she would cease to exist. I would come back fromschool and find her at home then I would tell her how my day was. Shewas such a beautiful soul.

Atragic accident happened, and my mom succumbed. Intense grief sweptacross the family but personally, what I felt was death within mysoul. Every member of the family reacted differently to the change.From the book, &quotWho Moved My Cheese?&quot Haw is the characterthat typically reveals how I reacted to my mom`s death. In the book,Haw is brought out as a character who is, at first, hesitant aboutembracing change but is, however, open-minded and ready to learn newthings and consequently, learns to adapt (Johnson 35). It was hardgoing through all that pain especially when I remembered all that shehad been to me. Through the tears I cried up to the time I came toterms with the fact that grief could not bring my mom back, I learnedthat I was holding too firmly to the memories of my mom which wereonly an illusion at that time. I was able to move on when I turnedthe grief into cherished memories. It took me a long time to acceptthat I will spend the rest of my life without her. It was a negativeexperience that took deep conviction to let go of.

Readingthis book helped me know that the faster I`d have let my grief go,the quicker I would have attained a sense of inner peace. Hem refusedto take the cheese Haw offered him because he wanted the cheese hewas used to (Johnson 60). The book is a lesson to me that one allowsgreater fear to build up in the mind than the situation at hand.Changing one`s belief changes their actions. A change in thinking ledHaw to finding Station N, which had new cheese. This book would havebeen helpful in my situation as it might have opened up my eyes tonot allowing the fear of living without a mom to overwhelm me.

Thelesson I take from this book which is helpful in developing myprofessional life is that I should not overanalyze situations as thiscauses complications and stagnancy. Another lesson is that there isalways a better thing for everyone outside there. People should ridthe fear of adventure and be quick to smell better opportunities justlike Sniff and get things done as fast as possible like Scurry.


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