The inspiration for Thomas Kinkade`s work on my housing career.

Theinspiration for Thomas Kinkade’s work on my housing career.

Artas a study or practice has had various functions. Art has played arole in inspiring people, to pass messages, it has had religiousfunctions, political functions, and it has been known to have anemotional influence on people and to create different moods in anenvironment. Great scientists such as Leonardo da Vinci used art toillustrate their inventions and innovations. Works by various artistshave been known to influence the careers of others. Home building isone such example where art has an influence. Art influencesdifference aspects of home building such as lighting, use of colorand designing of gardens. Today, many architectural forms ofbuildings are artistic with ideas and concepts being carved out ofdifferent things. Art, therefore, plays a vital role in shaping theday to day activity of man. One such great collection of art that hashad significance in my home building is the art of Thomas Kinkade.Thomas was an American painter notably known as ‘the Painter ofLight.’ At least, everyone out of twenty American homes is thoughtto have a copy on one of his works. Thomas uses different artisticaspects to bring to the fore his widely held realistic, serene andbucolic subjects in his paintings.

Kinkade’suse of color as an inspiration to my home building.

Kinkade’spaintings appear so real. He uses color in a witty manner to createworks of great beauty. Home building in itself is also a form of art(Elsen, 96). Creation of colorful and lovely homes is dependent onhow well and the tactfully color is used. Color creates the firstimpression of looking at any commodity. The colors used in Kinkade’spaintings also create different moods which in itself is an ideatowards my home-building activity. Color influences the mood of aplace as depicted in Kinkade’s paintings.

Kinkade’swork as an inspiration for the creation of value in the homebuilding.

Valueis an important aspect of any form of art. In Kinkade’s work, thevalue was well presented, and it could be seen throughout hispaintings. It is the value that acted as part of the attraction tothe paintings. With home building, Kinkade’s application of valuewill be an important inspiration towards the production of idealhomes (Boylan, 76). Value also plays a role in the commercializationof any work of art and, therefore, acts as an accurate idea towardsthe building of homes that will not only be presentable but thosethat will also be fit in the case of commercialization.


Eleganceand beauty are key words in describing the paintings and generalworks of Kinkade. The paintings are made of different compositionseach prudently placed to create beauty. Most of the paintings havecolorful vegetation at various hues (Boylan, 87). The gardens nearthe houses in his paintings create beauty and give value to thehomes. This, therefore, crafts an inspiration in my home making bygenerating an idea that gardens produce the aesthetic value of homes.The structure of the homes in some of the paintings is also appealingand adds to my knowledge of home design.

Theworks give an impression of where a good house should be built.Through the composition of Kinkade’s paintings, it is also clearthat the location of a home is critical. Kinkade’s homes are mostlylocated close to streams in less or non-populated areas. These areasappear calm with no chaos and thus, give an impression of where anidyllic home should be located. The observation will, therefore,become a consideration in my home making process.

Useof light as an aspect of Art.

Lightingin any piece of art has a critical role to play. Just like color,lightly create an appeal to anyone who looks at a painting or anyform of art. According to Boylan (43), Kinkade has skillfully useddifferent shades of color to create a representation of light, itsdistribution and its effects on the subjects. In home building, lightis also an important factor to consider. Natural light, asillustrated in the paintings, is the most preferred type of light andalso the most important (Elsen, 124). The homes in Thomas’spaintings are open to the light, allowing natural light to penetrateinto the homes and, therefore, becomes a useful model for the homebuilding.

Kinkade’spaintings as a tool for illuminating cultural memories.

Artacts as a reminder of the past. It is one way in which the pastculture and traditional things are brought back to the present. InKinkade’s work, for example, traditional houses are seen in some ofthe paintings (Boylan, 23). This acts as a reminder of how suchhouses of the past used to look like. From the paintings of thehouses, an urge of building traditional homes cropped up. This wouldbe unique and a way of breaking the monotony of the present modernhomes. Modern technology can be incorporated into the construction soas to produce quality and attractive homes that will be artistic andat the same time fetch good earnings


Arthas an unlimited number of functions. It can educate, inspire,motivate, create emotions or even help one generate ideas among otherduties. Kinkade’s paintings play a significant role in inspiring myhome building activity. The style and composition of the paintingsassist in generating ideas to incorporate in home building (Elsen,345).


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