The Meaning of `Evidence Based Practices.`

TheMeaning of ‘Evidence Based Practices.`


TheMeaning of ‘Evidence Based Practices.`

Innursing practices, the term &quotresearch&quot and &quotevidencebased practice&quot are used often than not. Nursing research in thenursing concept is a term that is used to refer to all researchesthat give evidence used to support various nursing practices. As aresult, the term &quotnursing research&quot is an ‘evidencebased` area of practice that is developed to enhance nurses to thewok and at the same time practice their research skills (Burns&amp Grove, 2010). Consequently, the terms &quotevidence-based practices&quot is asimple approach that is used by the nurses to ensure that they aremaking quality decisions and provide the nurses with nursing carethat are based on the clinical expertise (Polit&amp Beck, 2008).This means that a nurse who is using evidence-based practices isconversant with the most current and relevant researches that areavailable to him or her.

Onthe same hand, based on my knowledge, I perceive evidence-basedpractices as the use of the research-proven treatments or assessmentsmethods that are the ‘best’ to clients seeking for health careand services delivery in our day-to-day nursing practices.Additionally, it means that all clinicians are committed to keepingin touch with the previous research, findings, and recommendationsfor quality improvement that fit the nursing practices this includesall parts that are ‘best` when making clinical decisions.

Lastly,in my day-to-day nursing practices, I used evidence-based practicesto challenge what I am practicing. For example, I always ask ‘why`treat the client using this method and not the other one. Accordingto Rycroft‐Maloneetal.(2004), this comparison helps in determining the methods and nursingprocesses that are modern thus promoting improvement in the nursingcare. Moreover, when practicing nursing care, it is difficult to relyon clients` opinion or traditions to develop a comprehensive nursingcare and practices this makes evidence-based practices applicable toour daily nursing practices.


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