The Poetry of Juan Felipe Herrera Student`s

ThePoetry of Juan Felipe Herrera

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AdherenceTo The Poet`s Ideas About Poetry As A Civic Duty (Ayotzinapas Poem)

JuanFelipe Herrera, who is a poet, was born on December 27th,1948. He is a son of a migrant farm worker. Herrera studied at UCLAand Stanford University and earned his MFA from Iowa University.Writers’ workshop. Herrera has pointed out the civic duties ofpoems in the society today. He insists on the need of poets comingtogether with the community and sharing. It has been observed thatmost poets concentrate a lot on writing and publishing and do notcreate time to get together and share ideas within themselves and thecommunity.

“Weleave ourselves and others behind when we do not create time to betogether and share ideas” (Wall and Herrera). The poet, Herreraalso said that poetry plays a significant role in connecting peoplefrom different backgrounds and races. This is because poetry can bewritten by anyone from any race and can also listen and read byanyone of any race. According to the poem Ayotzinapa, it adheres tothe poet`s ideas on the role of the poem to civic duty in many ways.The poem speaks of students who came from a rural school inAyotzinapa and were headed for Iguala to protest to the mayor for thefunds of their rural school. Protesting for school funds shows theidea of the poet of the people of the community not only comingtogether to share ideas but to fight for their rights in the society.

SocialAnd Political Function Of The Poem

Poetryserves social and political functions through many ways. The poemsocially depicts the social act of students coming together andprotesting for their school funds. The poems also serve a social roleby showing how the police surrounded the students and started firingbullets at them for protesting. The poem also serves a socialfunction by showcasing how the students will not give up in theirprotest “they dismembered us in trash bags they threw us into theriver, yet we continue yet we march from here from the bowels ofMexico” (Wall and Herrera). The poem also serves a politicalfunction. According to the poem, the political function depictedshows how politicians, in this case, the mayor refuses to disburseschool funds, especially for rural schools which are required fordevelopment.


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