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TheRole I Exited


TheRole I Exited

Roleexit is a process that involves people disengaging themselves from aparticular role that defines their central identity and searching fora new identity and purpose. There are four steps involved in the roleexit namely doubt, looking for alternatives, leaving the previousrole and creating a new identity(Ebaugh, 1998).Years ago, I was an alcoholic addict and had to work hard to be whatI am today.

Ifirmly believe that the people we hang out with influence ourcharacter (Little,2012). Early in my in life, I was involved with a group of students whowere part of the cheering squad of our school. We would cheer fordifferent athletic teams. However, when not with the cheering squad Ifelt lost socially. I decided to join another group of students inschool who were rebels and involved in alcohol and drugs. Myinteraction socially started consisting of me missing school andhanging out with the rebels more than the cheering squad team. Theaddiction affected my studies, and I dropped in my grades. To add topeople around me were unable to trust me because of myirresponsibility. The idea of role exit came to me severally, but itwas hard to change since I still kept the same friends.

Istarted looking for a solution, found myself in the first stage ofrole exit because I was unhappy, full of doubt, and had lost hope(Ebaugh,1998)..I almost dropped school because of hopelessness and the addiction. Idecided to look for alternatives by trying to avoid my friends, butit was not easy. My mom finally suggested that I join a rehab. Thethird stage of the role exit is action stage whereby I went to therehab center. I got treatment, counsel and listened to older peoplein the rehab who were able to overcome their addiction gave me hopethat I had not heard for several years. The four stage of role exitis the creation of a new identity. My mom removed me from my previousschool to a new one. I have developed new friends who are sober, andI was able to continue with my studies and perform well.

Itis essential for people to know that we are who we are because of thecompanies we keep. Knowingly or unknowingly, the people around usaffect us either positively or negatively(Widrich, 2012).I got involved with the wrong people and my grades in school dropped.However, with my mom and the rehab center help, I am a changedperson and would not desire to go back to that role that I exited.


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