The Shift from Research Utilization to Evidence Based Practice


TheShift from Research Utilization to Evidence Based Practice

TheShift from Research Utilization to Evidence Based Practice

Researchutilization means the translation of knowledge acquired throughresearch, into viable information and applying that knowledge insolving real-world issues. It is the use of research findings in aclinical situation that is not related to the original research.Evidence based practice on the other hand is integrating patientvalues, clinical expertise and the best clinical research to help indecision making on the most efficient process in patient care. Innursing research, there has been an expansion to evidence basedpractice from research utilization.

Theexpansion is as a result of the efficiency that evidence basedpractice has brought in the nursing practice. This has spread in thenursing sector through communication of its effectiveness. The shifthas occurred due to the need for individualized patient care and thusmore attention is needed for each case. EBP results in high qualityof care and better patient outcomes. The latest research evidence isused to make valuable decisions.

EBPhas also improved the nursing sector by instilling confidence innurses, enabling critical thinking, and helping the nurses to improvetheir skills. The recommendations from this research help nurses toaddress issues on best client care.

Dueto medical and technology advances, the nursing sector has greatlychanged and continues to evolve every day. The BSN, MSN and PHDnurses will have a greater role in the next decade. MSN nurses willbe more active in providing individualized patient care and theirfocus will be on particular cases as opposed to generalization of thepractice.

MSNnurses are specialists. The focus on EBP shows that thespecialization will be more particularized than it is today. Therewill be different cases requiring research and attention and the MSNnurses will come in handy. The PHD nurses will set the path of focusfor the whole nursing sector. The research will be more intense andfocused on making resolution of patient care problems easier.

Theshift from research utilization to evidence based practice is timelyand has more benefits. The research is more beneficial in the nursingpractice. It improves the quality of health care and in the long run,leads to job satisfaction and better group participation for nurses.


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