Theological terms




Acovenant is a pact/agreement between God and man or his people. Inthe Holy Bible, God made a various covenant with people, a goodexample of a covenant between God and man is that of Abraham (Rahner,1981). God promised Abraham that He will make him the father of allnation if Abraham obeyed.


Revelationcan is defined as a disclosure of God to people communicating hiswill. The disclosure is usually to human beings. Hence, thecommunicator is God. Revelation can be either natural or supernatural


Inspirationis the direct divine influence of a mind or soul. It is the specialforce brought about by the Holy Spirit to communicate Gods will. Agood example of inspiration is drawn from scriptures writers who wereinspired by God.


Hermeneuticsis defined as the art and science of interpretation especially thatof scriptures. It explains the actual meaning of the word of the Lordto explain the sense of the revealed word of God.


Heresyis defined as the theory or belief that is contrary to theestablished beliefs. It can also be defined as the opinion that is atvariance with the accepted doctrine or teachings of any church.


Atheismis the belief that there is no God. It is the denial of the existenceof the presence of a supreme being, God.


Aheretic is a person who harbors a contrary opinion to those acceptedby the Church (Rahner, 1981). It is also the act of not being notmorally guilty of professing heretical doctrine.


Kingdomis a term that is used to describe the spiritual sovereignty of God.It is the domain or region over which the spiritual sovereignty ofGod extends. It is also employed in the Bible to describe a stateheaded by a King or Queen an example is the Kingdom of Judah.


Salvationis the deliverance from evil or sins. It is also the redemption orliberation from sin or the consequence of sins (Rahner, 1981). It isthe liberation from an awkward position or oppression to a state offreedom.


Christis the Messiah prophesied in the Old Testament, and it is also usedmainly in the New Testament. Christ is considered as the saviour ofall mankind by many Christians. In the New Testament variousscriptures describe Christ as the Son of God.


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