Tobacco Products Should not be Legalized Abstract

TobaccoProducts Should not be Legalized


Tobaccoproducts are known for their adverse effects in the human body. Thehighlighted issues are the presence of nicotine and its negativeeffect in the body. In addition, the products cause addiction hencethe repeated use even with the knowledge of its harmful effects. Themanufacturers of the products clearly indicate that the use oftobacco products is evidently addictive. It is the regular users ofthe tobacco products that are at risk of suffering the adverseeffects of the products. With this knowledge, the use of tobacco issurprisingly legalized in many countries worldwide and especially theUnited States.

Theuse continues to claim lives through cancer and heart disease asmajor causes of death as a result of cigarette smoking. The mainissue that has raised global concerns is the effect of smoking onchildren. Documented facts show that over 3,000 children are regularusers of tobacco products and hence the health care predicts that alarge part of the population will result to premature deaths relatedto tobacco illnesses (WHO, 2015). Following the results documented onthe negative outcome and statistics recorded concerning tobacco use.Different bodies have taken the initiative to regulate tobaccoproducts with a deliberate intention of securing and protecting thehealth of the public.

Theuse of tobacco products in production of cigarettes has led toadverse effects in the lives of many individuals globally. Thehighlighted factor is that all the diseases and consequences broughtabout by smoking are preventable. Following the statistics shared bythe Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), America accountsfor over 45 million smokers from the age of 18 and above. Inaddition, the statistics also show that over 400,000 deaths thatoccur annually, they are as results of the effects of smoking to thepopulation. The deaths are recorded as premature hence having asignificant effect on the economy (WHO, 2015). As a result the effectresults to a financial burden in different societies. Further, thedeaths are accounted for following critical conditions likepneumonia, bronchitis, and emphysema and lung cancer. The risk ofhaving infections and suffering from serious cases of heart diseaseis also contributed by smoking.


Theadverse effects of Tobacco products are well known and differentcases have been documented to show the real and adverse effects ofusing tobacco products. Enforcing the Legalizing of tobacco productswill mean that the real life effects and outcomes will be ignored andincreased cases will be reported. Restricting the use will reduce theeffect hence preserve life.


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