US Healthcare-legal Aspect 7

USHealthcare-legal Aspect 7

Employment-at-willis a provision that enables an employee or employer to call off anemployment relationship whenever due to any reason best known tohim/her (Van and Schaffner, 2003). This is an important provision forboth the employer and the employee due to several reasons. First, itreduces the possible conflicts that may arise between the two partiesbecause there’s no binding contract existing between them and atthe start of the work they agreed that anyone of them can terminatethe services between them at his/her will. Secondly, there is amutual benefit as each depends on one another. The employer will takeadvantage of the services received from the employee and also theemployee will benefit from payments and other rewards from theemployer as well as gaining experience during the period which theywere working together.

Currently,liability claims are on a rise in America from the patients and thetort lawyers towards the medical professionals (Pozgar, 2012). Themalpractice insurance carriers have increased their demands from themedics a situation that has complicated the profession. This actioncalls for the medical professionals to observe due care and diligencein their workplaces to minimize the lawsuits against them. Thearguments against the reform include the tort reform will witnessunsustainable costs that will be required to insure all the patientsin the U.S as well as practicing the medical profession. Likewise,the change will attract several patients who may demand highinsurance medical costs. The arguments for the change include reducedcases of ignorance at the medical profession environments to curb thecases effects accompanied by ignorant acts. Similarly, doctors willbe at liberty to make use of the defensive medicine that calls forexpensive tastes as a strategy to the lawsuits against them.


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