Walk a Mile in My Shoes

Walka Mile in My Shoes

‘Walka mile in my shoes’ is a song that Joe South dedicated to hisbelievers. The believers in this case were his blood brother and thesister-in-law (South, n.d). In layman’s language, the song explainsthe reasons why we should not criticize one another over the mistakesthat have been committed. When one looks at the good or bad thatanother person has done, he/she may judge it the way it appearsbefore him/her. The truth of the matter is that what we can see isonly a drop in the ocean and there may be more other importantreasons that can be attributed to the act but one cannot identifythis positive aspect of it by just mere looks. One has to go an extramile beyond just looking because there can be a lot behind what wecan see. There’s only way we can attach a positive reason towardssomeone’s deeds. This one way is to put ourselves in the shoes ofthe other person and judge everything from his/her point of view.There’s a possibility that one can get a positive sense because ofbeing in the shoes of the other party so that criticism may notarise.

Ifwe had a possibility to be a different person apart from the one weare currently, we could possibly find out that no one is perfect andmistakes do arise, a change will only come if we stop much criticism.The walks of life from which we hail from are accompanied by problemsand it’s these problems that will shape our reasoning towards theacts of other people around us. If only we had a way to be adifferent personality apart from the one we are, then we will be ableto make sensible judgments.


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