What you think Art is, what it should be and what it is capable of


Whatyou think Art is, what it should be and what it is capable of

Frommy experience, I would say that art is the application of humancreative skill to express feelings, emotions or original ideas in avisual form such as painting, drawing, sculpture to name but a few.According to Sullivan (2013), the general definition of art issomething beautiful that is created with imagination and skill tocommunicate important ideas and feelings. Art should be an originaland beautiful piece of work that is able to communicate and reveal ahidden truth about life. According to Sullivan, many artists usetheir creative and artistic skills to fill a space in a beautiful wayeither by drawing, sculpturing, painting etc (2013). Art should havean emotional power that connects with the audience and helps them tounderstand the emotions of the artists at the time the piece of artwas created. Apart from being beautiful, good art should communicateand pass on important ideas to the audience.

Artis a way of communicating what cannot be communicated in any otherway. Since an artist makes a painting or drawing to express emotions,ideas and feelings, art is therefore, capable of touching andchanging people’s way of thinking, attitude and behaviour insignificant ways. According to Sullivan (2013), a piece of art can betermed as good if it is capable of creating calm and harmony in thischaotic world. Art produces a soothing and calming effect on the mindmaking one relax and forget the troubles of the world. Art is capableof teaching great ideas about life and speak about human experiences.Generally, good art is beautiful and hence is capable of entertainingthe audience. In conclusion, good art is capable of great things thatmany people desire and dream of such as entertainment, relaxation,inspiration, socialization among others.


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